5 Tips for Selecting Comfortable Footwear During Pregnancy

Footwear During Pregnancy

While you are pregnant, you have to be very careful what you eat, drink, and most of all, what type of clothes or footwear you wear. The reason being the change in the body structure, especially, on account of the weight. Thus,  to deal with excess weight and make you tired while you are engaged professionally, you need the right footwear. flip-flops are an undisputed solution for your quest. 

Nevertheless,  the question is how to pick the right  footwear or flip-flops during pregnancy for comfort? So, read on to get a few ideas helping you out in your journey. 

1. Buy footwear that allows your feet to breathe.

If you are pregnant but you are not comfortable in wearing athletic shoes, or your workplace doesn’t allow shoes inside . In such a case, you can look for flat-soled sandals or various other styles in which your feet can breathe properly. 

The material of those shoes stimulate breathability by making sufficient air-passage. Apart from that, make sure moisture will not form on it; otherwise swollen feet increases the chances of fungus or fungal infection. So, look for shoes made of canvas or any other material that is light in weight.

2. Must be easy to wear

Pregnancy is the period where you need everything comfortable, and if you talk about flip-flops or any other footwear, avoid buying laces or buckle sandals. However, if you do, you have to bend to tie them, making you quite uncomfortable. 

Overall, you can say you must wear those footwear that can be worn and taken off quickly and conveniently. Go for comfort over style while buying maternity shoes.

3. Buy footwear having rubber soles.

This is another tip that you must keep in mind while buying maternity footwear. We are talking about having rubber soles which offer shock absorbing capability. This shock absorbing technology puts very little pressure on knees and also on the back while moving. 

In addition to that, if you are at that point of pregnancy where it is quite difficult to bend, then you can go for mock sneaks. 

4. Go for that footwear that delivers ankle support.

Well, if you see that your feet is experiencing discomfort while walking, then it is certain that the shoes are lacking ankle support. So, in this case, you cannot pick  moccasin-style footwear or ballet flats as they create the same outcome. Hence, looking at ankle support, it is viable  to pick flip flops since it helps in dividing the weight equally all over the foot. So, make sure to buy those flip-flops or any other footwear that has ankle support.  

5. Go for high friction shoe heels.

While buying maternity footwear, ensure that you must buy those that have high friction as it delivers firmness and also safety while walking. So, avoid shoes that don’t have friction features with them. You are at risk of footing and falling.

Footwear During Pregnancy

Best shoes which you can wear during pregnancy

According to experts, if you are pregnant and looking for comfortable footwear, the below recommendations are the best. So, let’s have a look: –

1. Flat shoes

Flat footwear are extremely comfortable, which is a great perk when you are pregnant.On top of this, they also deliver excellent control to the whole body as the weight increases. For example, you can select those shoes that offer arch and full ankle support.

2. Flip-flops or sandals

They both are best in the summer and winter seasons. You can wear socks with them in winter to feel warm and cozy. In addition to that, they simplify walking or movement  without causing excessive pressure to the tummy. Most of all, you can wear them at home as well as while going out.


If you want to be comfortable during pregnancy, it is essential to choose the perfect pair of maternity shoes. Well, if you think that you cannot choose the right pair, then you can also consult your doctor for the suggestion of ladies chappal.

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