7 Factors to Choose Right Cloud-Based ERP & CRM Software

ERP & CRM Software

Cloud-based storage aids business transformation and enhances customer service. Modern business requires fast, flexible, safe cloud solutions to save both cost and time. It helps you to reach out to mobile clients, PC clients, laptop clients, tablet clients. It also helps you to connect to the Web Server, Application Server, and Database Server.

Every business has its own individual needs, so it is important to choose their cloud storage as per their requirements. Most companies need to change from in-office data storage to saving it on the internet.

ERP & CRM Software

Benefits of Having the Right Cloud-Based Software

Many companies are shifting to cloud storage because it is a permanent solution to many of your problems. Before choosing the right cloud-based software we must know its benefits:

  •  It cuts down the maintenance costs of the infrastructure of your company.
  •  It reduces the responsibility of hiring your own IT team. Instead, you get IT to support from your cloud service provider.
  •  You have to pay a monthly fee and do not need to make huge investments. Thus you can invest your money for other requirements.
  •  If your data is stored on the cloud and not locally there is a lower risk of losing your data.
  •  If your company runs online, then your database should also be available online. Your employee or client can access the resources whenever required.

Choosing the Right Cloud Storage Service

Cloud storage is an energy-efficient way to save your data. Most companies prefer such services as compared to on-site data storage. Here are some guidelines that will help you to choose the right service provider. 

1. Version & Customization

For CRM Software Solutions, choose a cloud service that allows you to save multiple copies of your file. You can look at your older edits and also retrieve them. If a file gets deleted, your service must be able to restore it.

The ability to enable or disable customization on your stored data is very important. You must not have to rewrite it every time and it must not affect the up-gradation of your software.

2. Security

The security of your company’s data is your topmost concern. Data encryption and password protection, anti-virus updates are vital for your files. Your cloud storage must provide multiple levels of security for different employees or clients. It must also provide separate protection when the files are accessed from a mobile.

 Well-maintained privacy with timely security updates allows you to function at ease. It doesn’t disturb your productivity and also maintains your client’s trust.

3. Flexibility

Fluctuation is very common in the business world, so your storage service must be adaptive. It must be able to expand and adjust according to your business growth without affecting your data. A company may start small, but it will gradually expand. Hence it must be able to accommodate your growing database.

4. Technical Assistance

While dealing with multiple clients and their specific requirements, a sudden technical issue may arise. Lack of proper assistance may hamper your company’s work. You need to get quick, detailed guidance for any technical problems on your end or the client’s side.

You will get assistance over the phone or email with a proper step-by-step guide. Your service provider must be able to locate complex problems and provide easy, effective solutions.

5. Location

Cloud-based services allow your company to access the files from different locations. Whether in the office, while traveling, or working remotely, accessing cloud data is never a problem. Easy and flexible access to data helps you to make better deals with existing or potential clients.

All data is stored on the internet. If there is a requirement for additional hardware and your cloud service providers will ensure the smooth functioning of your database software.

6. Third-Party Integration

To connect two different software with multiple platforms like phone, mail, social media, third-party integration is necessary. Cloud-based CRM solutions will help you with third-party integrations in less time and at low costs. It will help you to adapt to your business needs and make the best of social media, email marketing. Thus helping you to reach out to as many clients as possible.

Through VoIP integration, you will be able to make calls, put them on hold, and transfer your calls without having to leave your current site. Thus ensuring quick and easy access to customer data and call controls.

7. Cost-Effective

Many small-scale companies function with a tight budget. Even large-scale companies have multiple investments to keep in mind before investing further. For cloud services, your company will only pay for what it is using.

If  required then other updates or facilities can be added to your existing scheme. You can go through the exact services you will be needed for the time being before purchasing the service. So you can customize the service that your company needs at any given point of time.

To Sum It Up

Many businesses run online and have employers working in different locations and different time zones. Companies thus need to store data online for smooth, reliable functioning. Data is a very important resource of any company and therefore, it must be handled properly. Employees and clients must be given easy access to data while maintaining full privacy.

Small scale businesses always have the opportunity to expand and so their growing database should be handled responsibly. Cloud-based storage for ERP software gives you the confidence to function without worrying about your data.