6 Benefits of Using Free Invoice Software

Free Invoice Software
Free Invoice Software

You are done with all the work and now it’s finally time to get paid for it. To do that, you need to prepare an invoice and give your customers options for how to pay. While you certainly draft an invoice in your Microsoft Excel, print it, and send it via snail mail, a better option is using free invoice software. Such software simplifies the entire process and gets you paid more swiftly.

In this post, we will look at the top benefits of using free invoice software:

1. Fast and simple

Preparing an invoice manually is a lengthy and tedious process. You need to enter the address, bank account details, an itemized list of all the products and services offered, etc. And when you have several invoices to fill out, it can take you a lot of time and effort. Using free invoice software is easy as all the client information is saved in the cloud.

This includes the client’s name, payment terms, and more. With these software, all you need to do is log into your account and choose the client you want to invoice. You can input the products or services offered and the invoice can be quickly compiled and sent electronically to the client.

2. Everything is saved in the cloud

Online invoicing software stores all the sensitive business and client data on the cloud. Thus, there is no fear of losing this much-needed piece of information. Also, everything gets saved automatically. You can simply access your account and start billing the clients instantly.

3. Automation

This is perhaps the greatest benefit of using free invoice software. There is no need to manually create invoices every week or month you can easily set-up recurring payments for your long-term clients.
The automation feature of these software sends payment reminders for all the forthcoming and past due invoices. Automating the tasks saves you a lot of time and lets you emphasize your core business operations.

4. Creates a strong brand identity

A cloud-based invoice software can strengthen your brand’s image. You can create custom templates as well as add your brand’s logo or any specific color scheme to the invoice. This invokes a powerful recognition and increases the likelihood of getting paid on time.

Also, you can develop personalized messages for the clients that further boost your brand’s reputation. These things may seem insignificant but they have a lasting impression on people.

5. It is completely secure

Online invoicing software is complete safe and protected. They ensure 100% confidentiality of data as they adhere to PCI Security standards. Obtaining clearance from PCI is a daunting task. These software implement progressive security measures against any loss of data or interference. Lastly, you can use additional safeguards like an SSL certificate.

6. Ability to deal with multiple languages and currencies

With the boom in technology and the internet, there are no geographical boundaries when it comes to work. You may be a freelancer working in the UK and serving clients in the USA, Japan, Singapore, or anywhere else in the world.

Using free invoice software, you can bill any client based in any part of the globe. You can make payment easy for them by choosing their preferred currency and language. This makes it convenient for both you and your client.


These are some of the most notable benefits of adopting free invoice software for your business. You can use these software on your desktop, tablet, or mobile. Unrestrained access to them from anywhere and anytime makes these extremely feasible for all types of businesses.

This is where an accounting tool can be of assistance. This software will help you track and manage the growing mass of invoices, expenses, payments, projects, and more. All this can be done with a single invoicing software. Free to download and try, this application is a business tool that needs to be part of your business management toolkit.

Therefore, accounting software is a powerful business tool that helps you manage multiple functions in your business. Small businesses and freelancers can give their business an edge by adopting this powerful invoicing software. Free of cost, to begin with, this application can help you manage your business and take it to the next level!