How to Become a Shopify Developer? Find Complete Guide

Become a Shopify Developer
Become a Shopify Developer

Shopify is a Canadian eCommerce company. The headquarters of Shopify is in Ottawa, Ontario. It’s a platform for eCommerce stores and retail point-of-sale. Shopify offers different services to its customers. It includes marketing, shipping, payments, and customer engagement tools. Becoming a Shopify developer is a successful career.

According to a web design services agency, Shopify has more than 1,700,000 businesses in 175 countries. A survey showed that around 1.58 million websites run on Shopify. Moreover, Shopify is the largest traded Canadian company due to market capitalization.

In 2006, Shopify was founded by Tobias Lutke and Scott Lake. This happened after the attempt to open Snowdevil. It’s an eCommerce store for snowboarding equipment. Shopify introduced the API platform and App Store in June 2009. Basically, API is an application programming interface. It allows Shopify developers to create apps for Shopify stores. Then, they sell those apps on App Store.

How to become Shopify Developer?

Shopify is one of the famous and lucrative marketplaces. It has increased the need for more develop Shopify shops. The Shopify shops are run by the owner of the shop or hired Shopify developers. Every eCommerce owner thinks of building an online shop. To manage their work better and efficiently. But, it’s difficult to stand out and make a positive impression in a competitive world.

Moreover, the owner lacks technical knowledge and skills. It leads them to hire Shopify developers. Shopify developer helps them to increase their sales and conversion. And many people enable themselves as Shopify developers for a successful business. This article highlights how to become a Shopify developer.

It’s easy to create a Shopify shop. But the developer needs some qualities to add value and make it more effective. By hiring professional developers can save time and effort. But, it’s a costly process. That’s the reason many learn to become Shopify developers. To become a Shopify developer, it’s essential to know and understand what it means.

What is Shopify Developer?

Basically, Shopify developers are the experts in web development for the Shopify website. According to Shopify website development, they need insights and practical experiences to create an ecommerce shop. One must know how Shopify works and its functionalities. That includes payment gateways, navigation, and many more. The knowledge and experience can make a difference and help create a successful business.

Which Qualities to Look for in a Shopify Developer?

There are many qualities Shopify developers need to have. In this article, the basic and important qualities that a developer must have been discussed.

1.      Basic qualities and skills

1.1. Good communication skills

Communication skill is a fundamental skill a Shopify developer must have. As he has to deal with many people to deal with the customer. That’s the reason he should have good communication skills. So that he can deliver information easily.

1.2. Problem-solving skills

If the online seller wants to become a Shopify developer, he must have problem-solving skills. During the project, the developer will observe and face many problems. That’s the reason he should have problem-solving skills. Therefore, inspite of being panic and worried, he should know how to tackle the situation and lead the team.

1.3. Specialization in a different stream

In a competitive market, a Shopify developer needs to have any specialization. Firstly, it will make him stand out in the market. Moreover, it will create a positive impression on the clients. This can be beneficial for the business.

2.      Essential front-end Developer skills

2.1. Coding skills

Coding is one of the basic requirements to create a Shopify store. Firstly, it’s an essential skill a Shopify developer must know and learn. Basically, coding languages are programming languages. Such as JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, and many more. Programming languages are used to apply algorithms.

2.2. Responsive design

Technology is developing at a fast pace. People use different gadgets in their daily life. Therefore web pages need to adjust according to the device. This happens due to responsive design. That’s why a Shopify developer should know and learn about responsive design. It will create a successful career for the developer.

3.3. Testing/debugging

Testing is an integral part of every project. It keeps the project protected by keeping bugs away. Thus, a Shopify developer must know and have the skill and capabilities to test and debug the codes.

Prerequisite to Learn Shopify Theme Development

Shopify themes are like WordPress themes. But Shopify uses their markup language in-spite of PHP.

Shopify developer needs to have:

  • Knowledge and understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Should know about jQuey. (optional)
  • Basic knowledge about Command-Line.
  • Create a Shopify partner account to check your Shopify theme for free.

Prerequisite to Learn Shopify App Development

Shopify app is a web application. To build Shopify app developer uses programming languages. For example, Ruby, Python PHP, or Node JS.

The Shopify developer needs to have:

  • Basic knowledge about HTML and CSS.
  • Understanding of JavaScript and React.
  • Knowledge about GraphQL.
  • Create a Shopify partner account to crate and test their app for free.

Resources to Learn about Shopify

There are many resources available in the market to learn about Shopify. Such as:

1. Shopify blogs

Shopify blogs are a great tool for Shopify developers. Firstly, it offers excellent content and resources about every field of Shopify. Moreover, it helps in creating and managing your eCommerce platform on Shopify. They offer Shopify Plus Blog for professional-level advice.

2. Shopify guides

Shopify guide is another great resource for online sellers. It offers depth guides such as Facebook ads, Google Shopping, and furthermore. These articles help sellers to boost their businesses. Especially, beginners can enable crowdfunding, drop-shipping, etc.

3. Shopify experts

Support from experts is the most effective solution. It includes all kinds of help, from setting up to managing. There are many developers and experts available 24 by 7 to support Shopify owners.

4. Shopify & You ebook

Shopify eBooks & You is the best place for online sellers. It guides about Shopify and its functionalities. It provides support and guidance to developers and beginners. Besides, all the articles are available free of cost.

5. AVADA Resources and Devdocs

AVADA website has a great number of articles. It’s a great website to discover every field in Shopify. Moreover, they offer trustful experts that can guide Shopify store owners. The selected information is displayed. The information about the experts is displayed on the list.

6. eCommerce CEO

Creating a Shopify shop is simple and easy. But during the process, the developer may face some problems. E-commerce CEO offers well-organized content to guide owners. The articles contain guides that have steps for creating an eCommerce website.

7. Katana MRP

Katana is a great resource for beginners. It offers excellent blogs with advice to the seller. It can help sellers to sell products on Shopify effectively. 


Without the technical knowledge, Shopify store owners hire Shopify developers. They help them to build a store better. But you can also become a successful Shopify developer by learning basic knowledge. I hope you like and enjoyed the article. If you have any queries, comment down below.