7 Must Have Beauty Essentials Needed During A Wedding

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Beauty Essentials

Weddings are counted as one of the few special occasions of our life. Here we wish to go all out and squeeze as much fun out of the event as possible. We save for years for this one day. When the day finally arrives we splurge it all without resent for the occasion is meant to be all smiles, laughter, and jubilance. The day becomes extra special for the bride and the groom. They receive all the attention of the invited crowd on this day.

The brides more often than not are obsessed with their D-day so much. So that they start dreaming about it years before. The flowers to be used for decor, the table displays, the wedding essentials to be purchased. The perfect destination to get married to, the perfect lehenga, and above all their oh-so-dreamy bridal look. Some brides even frame a picture of their beautiful wedding look in their minds. A perfect bridal look helps the bride to make sure she has all the attention of the guest coming her way. Hence it gets important to focus on all the major as well as subtle aspects of the wedding day look.

Beauty Essentials

Plans for D Day

No matter if the bride is months away from walking down the aisle or weeks away. She has to plan her D-day look and the products she will include in her Bridal kit. Some brides are experimental with their bridal makeup. Others choose to trust only their favorite and trustworthy makeup artists for their wedding day makeup. But irrespective of their reasons, every bride should invest in wedding essentials. This investment helps the bride in the long-term. It grants her the opportunity to splurge and buy some effective high-end makeup products. She can use these for post-wedding celebrations and events also.

To help the brides out in listing their wedding day beauty essentials here is a curated wedding essentials list

1. Primer

Primer is an absolute wedding essential commodity in your bridal makeup kit. The primer provides a good base for your heavy bridal makeup. This fulfills your wish to look beautiful throughout your wedding. It also allows your makeup to stay fresh till the last selfie of the wedding. What makes primer extremely essential for bridal makeup is it gives a proper prep to your makeup and saves your skin from becoming a blotched nightmare.

When it comes to a proper application of a primer, the key rule is to use a good quality mattifying primer and apply ample of it. Once you are done with your cleansing and moisturizing routine, apply primer all over your face evenly, spread it over your lips and eyelids also. Now to achieve a smooth base for makeup, follow the application of primer with foundation.

2. Foundation

A good, high-definition foundation is a wedding essential for brides as it helps them achieve a blemish-free, even skin tone and sets a perfect base for their bridal makeup. When shopping for a foundation that goes into your bridal kit look for the ones that last all day long and allow your skin to appear perfectly airbrushed.

Look for high definition foundations that are enhanced with light-reflecting pigments. The best way to apply foundation is to apply it with the help of your fingers in a circular motion and spread it evenly through your face and neck area. You can also apply foundation with a sponge as sponges come handier when spreading the foundation throughout the face.

3. Concealer

The chances of brides not getting enough sleep before the wedding day are often pretty high, but no bride wishes to walk down the aisle with puffy eyes and sleepy looks. All brides wish to ace their bridal day look and through all fresh and dreamy vibes. A concealer comes of great help here and makes itself a place in the wedding essentials checklist.

A heavy-duty and premium quality concealer that doesn’t spread or crease and blend effortlessly with your skin tone comes of great help in getting rid of blemishes, discoloration, puffy eyes, and helps you look ever so fresh on your wedding day.

4. Blush

Blush is an imperative addition to your list of wedding essentials as it allows the bride to fake a flush effortlessly. While the brides with dry skin should go for cream-based blushes, the brides with normal skin or oily skin can easily go for powder-based blush to get a natural dewy glow.

5. Eye makeup products

Eyes are often the prime focus of bridal makeup and hence make sure to include high-quality eye makeup products in your wedding essentials. For one do not forget to include a waterproof eye-liner and eye mascara in your bridal makeup kit as they are absolute essentials. Also, try to go for an all-in-one eyeshadow palette for your bridal kit.  Go for the palettes which include both neutral and metallic shades.

6. Lipstick

A good lip shade is a staple in the wedding essentials list. Brides can go for cherry red, pink, or a nude shade according to their bridal ensemble. While opting for matte formulas works best as they help your lipstick last long, the creamy options are also worth consideration for bridal makeup.

7. Perfume

A good fragrance is a must. Brides can go for a floral based scent as they are more elegant and classic. The thumb rule here is to go for a scent that defines the bride and the bride herself recognizes the fragrance. A good scent allows the bride to feel effortless and cheery.