Switching To Android? 6 Advantages of Android Smartphone

Advantages of Android Smartphone
Advantages of Android Smartphone

Android is the most widely used smartphone operating system worldwide. Since its inception in 2008, it has evolved significantly. Android now powers some of the finest phones ever made.

But what makes it so famous, and what issues remain to be addressed? We look at the benefits and drawbacks of using Android.

The Top 5 Advantages of Having an Android Smartphone

The advantages of using an Android smartphone are largely dependent on the needs of the user, but the following are some of the most common.

1. Widgets

Widgets are for applications that you need right away, such as a calendar with updates, weather predictions, daily news headlines, and so on. Some of the applications are convenient for obtaining information, while others have handy controls such as those for your media applications.

Although iOS phones have widgets, Android phones are much more sophisticated and capable. They make it easy to get to important information by reducing the amount of scrolling and clicking required.

2. Variety of application options within and outside the app store

If you can’t find the app you’re searching for in the Google Play Store, depending on your computer, you can bypass it with a few taps in your phone settings.

You can run non-Play Store applications on your Android smartphone if you have one. You are not limited to downloading only the best Android apps from the Play Store, but you can also instal apps from third parties.

3. Several hardware innovations.

Consumers can select from a range of hardware configurations on Android devices. You can select from a range of processors, battery types, RAM and storage capacities, as well as support for portable storage such as flashcards.

There are a variety of sizes, forms, and function sets to choose from. Android is also responsible for the bulk of hardware innovations, such as in-screen fingerprint scanners, bendy tablets, and pop-up selfie cameras.

4. Extended Memory facility 

With Android phones’ support for expandable memory, filling up the storage isn’t a concern. 

Android users can easily adopt extra memory capacity to meet their needs by using disposable storage such as memory cards. You can save your favourite games, as well as images and videos, to a memory card.

5. Multiple Phone Options

Android is a mobile operating system that is supported by a wide variety of handset manufacturers around the world. As a result, there is a large selection of devices to pick from.

To represent the brand and target audiences, each brand offers unique hardware and software. The height, storage, camera pixels, battery life, design, and other features of Android smartphones differ. You’ll find an Android smartphone to meet your needs, regardless of your budget or screen size requirements.

6. Versatile applications like Regional Keyboards

Android users need not worry about typing in local languages henceforth. The sixth and the last advantage of having an android device that deserves a mention in this list is the availability of regional language keyboards. To be able to communicate in one’s local language is one of the growing demands of users. 

However, console providers have not provided as many features as they do in the regular keyboards.

The cons of Android

Android users, however, need to have a google account to get the best out of their devices. It necessitates the use of your account, especially when installing apps, uploading content, or engaging in other activities—it must be backed up by your Google account. 

Officially, Android receives regular security fixes to repair any device bugs, so if your handset ceases getting updates, it may easily become a security danger.

Popup ads on Android, especially on low-cost smartphones, are another source of irritation for users. There are commercials all over the Play Store once you open it.


For good cause, Android is the most common smartphone operating system. It’s easy to use, has millions of apps, and is brimming with creativity. Because of the platform’s durability, and though you run into issues in the interim, they’ll be simple to resolve.