Top 7 Advantages of Android Application Development

Android Application Development

As of January 2021, Android is the leading mobile operating system worldwide, controlling the mobile OS market with 71.93% share. From being something never-seen to a non-negotiable necessity, mobile phones have come a long way and so have us! Due to the developing technologies and increase in the shopping ease, people prefer mobile over desktop. 40% of people browse only on smartphones. And if we look at the mobile v/s desktop usage stats, 50% B2B inquiries were made from mobile devices in 2020.

This proves that mobile apps have higher engagement rates. However, the question is whether you should go for an Android app or an iOS app? If you’re starting off, Android app development is the far best choice to enhance your marketing game. Google Play Store’s feature to release the app as beta or alpha release makes it easier to get feedback from users before the actual app release.

Next, Android app development provides a key to hold a high position in the mobile app market. Though the biggest advantage is custom ROMs, i.e., developers can reorder the code and upgrade it for various gadgets. And in all this, if you go for custom-development, it would offer increased scalability, productivity, and reliability.

Android Application Development

 This article covers all the other reasons to go for Android app development.

Advantages of Android App Development Services

1. Easy To Use

Android app development services are easy to use – all thanks to SDK (Software Development Kit). It  helps developers build apps for every purpose with ease. From business apps to gaming apps, it provides complete support. This also decreases the cost of development and licensing which takes us to the second advantage. SDK allows adding custom features with intuitive interface, smooth navigation that help enhance the customer experience. 

2. Cost Friendly

Apps are the preferable choice. Besides, Android SDK is free of charge. So, you don’t need any high-scale investments or hire developers to set up your app. You can use platforms like Unity or Bubble to build your app. An app builder can be an option too. 

For basic Android app services, you can start for free. It may require a low entry barrier or license, but there won’t be any extensive development costs? 

3. Secure

When you build a custom Android application, the chances of third-party app involvement would crash to zero. There won’t be need to worry about hackers or any other vulnerable activities. It will secure all the sensitive data. 

This is also possible because Android provides data isolation and supports full-filesystem encryption. It provides a wide range of algorithms to provide security using cryptography.

4. Reliable Technical Support

Whenever you build an app, it becomes the platform’s responsibility to make all the technical arrangements for you. And the major advantage of going for custom Android applications is that you have a trouble solver right next to you all the time. You can contact your app development team for any queries or issues, and they would be there at your service. Also, your app will be updated regularly.

5. Allows Multiple Channels For Sales

Android apps can also be distributed through several third party marketplaces, which gives your business recognition in the market. This targets high engagements among various other platforms and audiences. Google Play is an official app marketplace for your Android build apps. But that is not all; you can custom market your apps too from your preferable mediums.

6. Customizable

Google has always been supportive and dedicated to make user-friendly customization possible with its easy-to-use UI system. Your shot to your app is the best investment you should opt for. Bring your ideas of features and services you want to serve your customers into one app with customization. From an essential web app integration to a complex custom app, Android provides ample support services. You can update your app data, features and even add custom features.

You can customize everything from your artistic dashboard to your sweet thank you notes on checkouts at no extra cost. So, plan your app, design it with all the chaos in your head, and market it to every marketplace’s gates.

7. Greater market

The most prominent factor of building an Android based app is the reach it can provide. Android is dominating the market, which makes the idea of building the app on Android sound smart. It has a large number of audiences to target. It is growing rapidly, and with that, your app will get engagements with Google recognition and services. Also, there are wide promotional strategies that you can implement through third-party marketplaces. In short, it is an excellent place for both start-ups and established businesses.


Android app development is a must-do for your business growth. Its low cost and flexible features, makes it more convenient than iOS, which holds the market mainly for high-scale developers or businesses. Android, on the other hand, gives you equal recognition and a wide marketplace to showcase what your business has got, despite the business size.