How To Add Music To Your Facebook Profile And Stories?

Add Music To Your Facebook Profile
Add Music To Your Facebook Profile

Music is frequently sufficient to represent whatever we’re experiencing in almost any situation. Following in the footsteps of Instagram, Facebook has now launched a music sharing function that allows you to add music to your profile and post it on your stories.

You may add many songs to your profile and even pin your favorite to ensure that everyone who visits your page hears the music you want them to hear. According to Mark Zuckerberg, you may now add music to Facebook profile. You may add many songs to your Facebook profile and pin one of them so that it appears directly above your Facebook bio.

When it comes to how to add music to facebook profile, don’t forget that you may also add music to your Facebook stories. Because if you can bring images to life, why not take advantage of them?

At the time of writing, the functionality was only available on Facebook’s Android and iOS apps, and it wasn’t available on the desktop site. On your profile, it’s directly next to the life events and images card.

What is the best way to add music to your Facebook profile?

As you might guess, the process is rather simple, and here’s how to add music to your Facebook profile.

  • To access your profile, tap on your profile image.
  • Once you’ve arrived at the Music card, tap it.
  • The new window will appear with a blank page. In the top right corner, tap the + icon.
  • By tapping on a song, you may now search for it and add it to your profile.

Return to the music area after you’ve added the songs you want, and you’ll see all of your newly added tracks listed there. You may now pin or remove tracks by tapping the three horizontal dots in front of each song.

  • To access the settings menu, tap the three dots symbol.
  • Depending on the what you want to do, choose Pin to Profile or Delete Song from Profile.

Here’s how to replace music that’s been pinned.

  • Go to your profile and tap the three dots next to the song you’ve pinned.
  • Depending on what you want to do, the choose Replace song or Unpin from your profile.

By default, all songs you add to your profile are public. Everyone who visits your profile can see them and hear a one-and-a-half-minute sample. Whatever song you post is also connected to the artist’s Facebook profile.

How do you incorporate music into your Facebook stories?

You’ll need to utilize the music sticker to add music to your Facebook Stories. When adding stories, there’s now a specific music option.

  • On the homepage, tap Add to Story.
  • Scroll down to find the music card, then tap it.
  • Choose any song you’d want to include.
  • For a maximum of 15 seconds, you can choose whatever part of the dong you choose. To continue, click Done.
  • You’ll be taken to the tale editing screen, where you can modify the card’s backdrop color and style by tapping the card itself.

You may also use the music sticker to put music in your articles.

How do you add music to your facebook profile

You need to know about using stickers and producing Facebook stories if you’ve never done it before.

To add a narrative to your Facebook story that includes stickers, follow these three steps. (And now for some music!)

Lyrics and Facebook profiles for Lip Sync Live

The third Facebook music announcement, Lip Sync Live, should not be overlooked.

Had Facebook is now following in the footsteps of, much as it did with Snapchat to create stories., a popular platform among teenagers (and even tweens! ), is now known as Tik Tok.

If your Instagram experience is anything like mine, you’ll see a lot of Tik Tok adverts as you go through your feed every day!

So, what is Lip Sync Live, exactly?

Lip Sync Live allows users to post videos of themselves singing and dancing to their favorite songs, giving Instagram marketing initiatives another dimension.

Why is music being added to Facebook profiles and stories?

True, Facebook’s product features are always being updated. Users’ time on social media sites is always under competition.

There is, however, another motive for Facebook’s eagerness to include audio.

It used to be difficult to publish a video on social media platforms with any copyrighted music. Artificial Intelligence technologies aided platforms in quickly recognizing and removing videos containing an artist’s song.

Facebook understood the emotional connection people have with music as the first major social media network, and the element this introduces for video pros and how to edit videos. As a result, Facebook and Universal Music Group reached a pact last year (UMG). Users can utilize Universal licensed music in their Facebook videos as part of this partnership.


The Facebook Sound Collection was launched on December 8th. You can locate available tunes and sound effects in your videos in this section of Facebook. So, that’s the answer of how do I add music to my facebook profile with people and fully express yourself.