A Comprehensive Advice for Seamless EML to Gmail Migration – 2023


Are you trying to transfer your EML messages into your Gmail account in a simple manner? You can easily migrate EML files to Gmail by following this tutorial. Discover the benefits of using Gmail for email management and why it’s crucial to convert your EML messages to Google Workspace.

Why Should I Move My EML Messages to Gmail?

  • Gmail is a Prominent Email Client: Gmail is well-known for its intuitive UI and a host of useful functions. Due to its accessibility and simplicity, it is a top option for both consumers and organizations all over the world.
  • Increased Productivity with Google Workspace: Google Workspace provides a number of strong features that increase productivity. Your EML data can be smoothly integrated with other Google Workspace services by being stored in Gmail.
  • Avoid Data Loss: If EML files are left on your local system or hard drive, data loss can result. These files can get corrupted over time. Data loss is less likely thanks to Gmail’s secure cloud-based storage option.
  • Accessibility From Anywhere at Any Time: Because Gmail is a cloud-based platform, you can always access your EML files. Users that need to check their emails while on the go depend on this flexibility.
  • Google prioritizes the protection of user data with robust security measures. Your data is safe and secure thanks to Google’s advanced security safeguards when you move your EML messages to Gmail.
  • Affordably Managed Data: Google Workspace is a cost-effective option for long-term data management because maintaining a database there often entails little to no maintenance expenses.

Email Programs That Support the EML Extension:

  • Microsoft Outlook Express
  • Microsoft Windows Live Mail
  • Thunderbird from Mozilla
  • Microsoft Entourage IncrediMail Zoho Mail The Bat!
  • Apple Mail (EMLX).
  • Window Mail

Effortless EML to Gmail Migration Using Softaken EML to Gmail Importer Application:

Softaken EML to Gmail Importer Utility is a versatile tool designed for transferring EML files to your Google Workspace account. It’s been rigorously tested on various Windows and Mac systems, even with large EML databases containing attachments. This tool offers a seamless solution for moving EML messages into your Gmail account.

Key Features of Softaken EML to Gmail Importer App:

  • Batch EML Migration: This time-saving method exports many EML files to your Google Account in one go.
  • No File Size Limitations: Move EML files without being concerned about file size restrictions, making sure that all of your data is migrated without any problems.
  • Smart Filtering: You can quickly pick certain EML data using filter options, allowing you to decide exactly what you want to move.
  • Using the preview functionality: you can check that everything is correct and in order before converting your EML files.
  • Attachment Preservation: Softaken’s program saves EML files and all of the attachments that go with them, ensuring that no important data is lost during transfer.
  • Folder Hierarchy Maintenance: To keep your data organized, the utility preserves the EML files’ original folder hierarchy and structure.

Steps to Migrate EML Messages to Gmail Using Softaken EML to Gmail Converter:

  • Download and Install the Software: Begin by downloading and configuring the EML to Gmail Converter on your Windows OS system.
  • Add EML Files: Click on the “Add Files” option to upload your EML files to the software.
  • Select EML Data: Choose the specific EML data you wish to migrate by ticking the checkboxes next to the desired files.
  • Choose Gmail as the Destination: From the “Select Saving Option” drop-down menu, select “Gmail” as your destination.
  • Provide Gmail Login Details: Fill in the login details of the Gmail account where you want to transfer your EML messages.
  • Start the Migration: Click the “Convert” button to initiate the migration process.

Why Do EML to Gmail Importer Software that is given by Softaken?

You can try the EML to Gmail Importer software’s capabilities before committing by choosing between a licensed version and a demo version, both of which are provided by Softaken. Up to 25 EML files can be freely exported to your Gmail account using the trial edition.

Depending on your unique needs and preferences, select the right licensing type from the available options: personal, technical, or enterprise.

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Lasting Thoughts 

To sum up, Softaken’s EML to Gmail Converter makes it easier to transfer your EML messages into Gmail and offers a dependable, effective, and safe solution for EML to Gmail migration.