3 Top-Exclusive Solutions to Convert WLM Emails to Adobe PDF

EML-to-PDF Conversion-Tool
EML-to-PDF Conversion-Tool

It is frequently necessary to convert email attachments into PDF files, therefore having a dependable way to facilitate this transfer is essential. This blog post will examine many methods for converting email attachments into PDF files, each having pros and disadvantages of its own.

Method 1: Use Mozilla Thunderbird to convert EML to PDF

This approach is manual and doesn’t call for any additional software. It is a cheap method to perform the conversion. This is how you do it:

  • Dispatch Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Make a new folder and name it appropriately.
  • Search your PC for the EML files.
  • Choose the EML files that you wish to convert.
  • Drag and drop these EML files into Thunderbird’s freshly created folder.
  • Select the folder containing the EML files in Thunderbird now.
  • Select “Tools” from the toolbar’s top left corner.
  • Select “Import/Export Tools” from the menu.
  • Pick “Export all messages in the folder.”
  • Elect “PDF Format” as your format.
  • The fact that attachments won’t be preserved will be noted in a pop-up warning. Select “Ok.”
  • Finally, choose where to save the generated PDF file.

Method 2: Using Word to export EML data to PDF

This approach requires Microsoft Word and is simple. Observe these steps:

  • On your PC, look for the EML mailbox.
  • One of the email files can be selected by right-clicking.
  • Select “Open With” before selecting “Microsoft Word.”
  • Click the “File” tab in the top left corner of Word after the document has opened.
  • Pick “Save As.”
  • The converted PDF file’s destination should be selected.
  • In the “Save as Type” menu, select “PDF” and modify the filename as necessary.
  • To convert the EML to PDF format, click “Save”.

Drawbacks of Manual Approaches:

  • Attachments aren’t saved in PDF format, providing only a partial solution.
  • The manual process can lead to potential errors, so it’s advisable to back up your files before starting.
  • You need to have Mozilla Thunderbird and the Import/Export Add-ons installed.
  • It can be challenging for non-technical users to follow the steps accurately.
  • The manual process can be time-consuming.

Method 3: Direct Conversion with EML to PDF Converter Tool

If you prefer a more direct and automated solution, consider using a tool like DataVare EML to PDF Converter Tool. This software ensures accurate migration of all EML mailbox files to PDF format. It supports EML files from various email clients, including Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, eM Client, Mac/Apple Mail, IncrediMail, Spicebird, Opera Mail, Entourage, PocoMail, and Outlook Express. The advanced application can work with all Windows OS versions such as; Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc.


Steps to Use this Software:

  • Download the DataVare EML to PDF Converter Tool.
  • Start the app
  • Select EML Emails.
  • Preview the Files.
  • Choose various locations.
  • Now click on the “Convert Now” Button and start converting EML emails to PDF Format

Key characteristics of the EML to PDF Converter

  • No other email clients or add-ons are required for independent functioning.
  • There is no possibility of data loss or mail element changes.
  • batch PDF to EML file conversion.
  • possibilities for changing the PDF page settings.
  • Live conversion status monitoring.
  • You can convert up to a few EML files to PDF with the software’s free sample to check out its features. This enables you to assess its performance before choosing.

Final Observations

We’ve now looked at three alternative ways to convert email files into PDF format. Depending on the amount of data and file size, you can select the approach that best meets your demands. You can effectively convert your email files into PDF format whether you choose a manual way using Thunderbird or Word or an automatic one like the EML to PDF Converter application.

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