10 Unique Ways Custom Made Boxes Can Elevate Your Brand

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In the era we are living in, everything comes with customization. Customization is limitless now, whether it’s your Custom Made Boxes or the packaging box. Buyers have a range of choices when it comes to custom boxes. Even sometimes, people get astonished by the extent and variety of customization. People love aesthetic designs and unique packaging. This is why Custom Made Boxes are in great demand now compared to the usual packaging boxes. About 72% of US consumers believe they make the purchasing decision by glancing at the packaging design of the product (Ipsos). Today, we’ll look into 10 unique ideas about how these custom made packaging boxes elevate your brand’s value.

Colour scheme

When it comes to selling your product and increasing sales, colour schemes impart a significant role. Colour psychology intrigues human minds too. According to research, the proper use of colours increases brand recognition by 80%. Even this enhances the marketing too.

Some brands have earned so much value that we recognise them just by the colours they use without even glancing at their logo or taglines. Nestle, Mcdonald’s or Coca-cola, or any other renowned brand, all have different colour schemes.

Apart from the product itself, the consumer will feel elated if the packaging is attractive too. Honestly speaking, bright and attractive colours appeal to everyone. Playing with attractive colours on the packaging box will grab the client’s attention. On the other hand, dull and bland colours have a boring vibe, and consumers ignore such packaging boxes.

Game of simplicity

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication! Keeping the packaging box simply adds to the marketing strategy. But it never means you have to reduce the design components. With the simple and elegant design, custom made boxes for products will stand out among other complicated designs. Even these simple and straightforward designs save the product packaging time too.

In case your product package is too complicated, it will never grab the consumer’s attention. The first impression is the last impression, and custom made packaging boxes should be so effective that the consumer never steps onto others neglecting them. They should convey the information and message quickly. With the simple and elegant packaging, your brand will save time and money.

Even there is so much room for variations in every variety. Many brands out there never discard their old designs to introduce new ones. What they do is, introduce slight modifications in the design or logo. With this strategy, brands never lose their identities, and their business keeps growing daily.

Made Boxes

Visual aesthetics of custom made boxes

Next comes visual aesthetics! You can also elevate your brand’s value by adding great aesthetics to your packaging box. Custom made product boxes become more attractive with creative innovations in visual representations. They seem to be more appealing to the clients too.

Just like everything else, visual aesthetics have their own significance. No matter how small or large your business is, visual graphics will always affect your sales. There’s a well-known proverb; a picture is worth a thousand words.

Sometimes instead of tackling things, customers are influenced by the smallest details. Make sure your visual graphics relate to your products too. You are targeting a specific audience, so go with the artwork representing both the product and the package. This will allure the customers, and ultimately, they’ll purchase.

Eco-friendly packaging

As time flies, people are considering sustainability a major global issue. Various brands have switched from plastic packaging to eco-friendly ones to impart their role in saving the future. Practically, apart from saving the environment, sustainable custom packaging can divert numerous customers to your company.

This is one of the best approaches to increasing your sales while being loyal to your terms and conditions. Researchers have indicated that brands that offer sustainable packaging have long-lasting relationships with their clients instead of the other ones. The reason is as people are getting awareness about plastic, they try not to use it.

One of the renowned brands, Nike, makes yarn from recycled plastic bottles that are further

used to manufacture soccer kits for the USA Men’s and Women’s National Soccer teams. They have utilized over 3 billion plastic bottles in this regard.

So you can pitch up your business with this unique trick of minimizing waste with ecologically responsible packaging. In this way, you can attract several environmentally conscious consumers.

Showcase your product

When people get to view what the product inside your package is, they are attracted too. As a normal perception, we like showcasing items more than those fully packed in boxes. So whenever you offer custom made boxes for your products, make sure those boxes showcase your products too.

This will build a strong link between you and your clients as they get to see whatever inside the package meets their requirements. Another notable thing is that edited and visually crafted pictures don’t grab as much attention as the live product itself. This will add up to the aesthetics too.

Users don’t feel ditched when they see what they are buying visually. This interaction generates sales too for your company. Consumers will not hesitate to buy your product because they can recognize the product quality by taking a sneak peek at the package.

Minimalistic designing

Another noticeable thing which will add to elevating your brand’s identity through custom made packaging boxes is the minimalistic design of the package. Consumers can enjoy simple yet eye-catching packaging. Your company will significantly impact the consumers with the right design choice for the customization feature.

Made Boxes

There is no need to modify or redesign the packaging boxes occasionally. Take the time to introduce the packaging designs, but once you have done it, do not overly modify it. Selecting the right colours for your packaging and the products will offer the users a homey and relaxing touch, and they will feel more interested in buying your products.


Another concerning factor regarding custom made boxes for products is the budget. In case your product is not very costly, but the packaging box is expensive or vice versa, your sales will never boost up to the extent they should reach.

So there should be a budget balance for both the product and the package itself. Several brands keep it mandatory that they must offer affordable and cost-effective packaging. To mention, it will be costly if you buy a single custom made packaging box. So it’s advisable to buy bulk custom made packaging boxes at wholesale rates. You will get amazing discounts for wholesale products.

Interior packaging of the product

Although the product’s exterior packaging is crucial, it never means you can neglect the interior packaging of the product. Both sides of the package are of the same importance. There are many companies that completely ignore the inside packaging. This is the main reason they lack sales opportunities.

If the exterior packaging is up to the mark, but the product inside the package is moving from here and there, this may be due to the lack of proper padding and protection. If you have a number of product sections, ensure to wrap up every part of the product separately inside the package.

With the right section of interior packaging, your fragile products will not only be safe but stay in their place when shipped from your office to the consumer’s place also. Also, the interior packaging gives the consumers an ideal and satisfied user experience by displaying the product parts separately.

Efficient and informative packaging

Efficient and informative packaging is also necessary for the brand’s value and recognition. In case there is no information on the box, or the information is too much; both scenarios will have a negative impact on the clients, and the sales will be zero.

The custom made packaging boxes should have the company’s logo and all the necessary information regarding the product. You will be amused to know many people visit the same brand as they have the old product packages. This means the packaging boxes also play a vital role in brand recognition and boosting sales. 

Customization and printing options

Custom packaging is an easy way to hike up the consumer interest in the product. According to a survey, about 92 million unboxing videos were uploaded on youtube in a calendar year. Customization and printing offer such a wide and never-ending variety of ideas that people never get to see the same old customization.

Apart from the designs and colour styles, the printing of these packaging boxes is differentiated into flex, litho and digital printing. Every brand goes with a specific printing mode depending upon its requirements.

Whatever there is on the packaging box, logo placement or the design and printing process! Everything affects the product’s finishing. If you are aware of what kind of printing you want on your custom made packaging boxes, you can make clear decisions regarding the package design.

Sum up

Gone are the times when people thought custom made boxes were just a waste of money. Surprisingly, now thousands of people prefer custom made boxes for products instead of the normal packaging.

People believe custom boxes are more reliable than usual cardboard boxes because they can have their own customized size and design with great aesthetics. So if you’re new in the business world and looking for the best custom boxes, ensure to keep the above-discussed points in mind. They will truly help you a lot in boosting your sales.