Top 10 Emerging Technology Trends in E-Commerce Globally

Technology Trends in E-Commerce

The world around us is evolving at a rapid pace. The technologies are upgrading themselves for better development. All the sectors are education, agriculture or ecommerce, and all have to integrate these new technologies in their fields for progress and efficiency. E-commerce is one such field towards which customers shifted in huge numbers during the covid -19 era. Ecommerce globally saw an incredible boom in traffic. People shop online for essential items and other luxury products online as offline stores are temporarily shut due to the lockdown situation. 

Technology Trends in E-Commerce

Ecommerce is the future of retail. Post covid also there is no going back of customers to offline stores. The consumer shopping behaviour towards online business seems to be permanent. It is the best time for emerging investors to join the ecommerce store. No doubt, ecommerce has immense competition, but at the same time, it has unmatchable accessibility and reachability to the customers. Getting equipped with the required technology and the right marketing strategy is essential.

Here are Some Global E-commerce Technology Trends: 

  1. Augmented reality 
  2. Voice research
  3. Artificial intelligence 
  4. Personalization
  5. Diversity in payment methods
  6. Mobile applications
  7. Chatbox
  8. Subscriptions
  9. Sustainable environment
  10. Videos

Augmented Reality 

AR or augmented reality made the customer experience more detailed. Online shopping could be a bit confusing when customers doubt whether the particular product will suit as desired. It clarifies their queries or doubts as the customers can truly see what they are shopping for and make their shopping decisions more confident. Augmented is a game-changer for ecommerce, especially for the fashion and home decor industry.  

Integrating augmented reality into your ecommerce business is the best way to upgrade your sales and revenue. According to the polls, people say that their shopping experience online becomes more fruitful when trying on products virtually. 

Many ecommerce organizations are adding up the facility of augmented reality to draw customers’ attention and provide them with fantastic facilities. Whether the company is big or small, it is one of the emerging trends in E-commerce.

Voice Research

One of the global trends in e-commerce to which every business is keeping an eye. Voice assistance in every home is a new venture to make your work done. These days everyone owns a smart speaker, and people are relying on voice assistance for their daily tasks. More than 70 per cent of people own a smart speaker, which will be a big step for ecommerce businesses to evolve their selling strategies. Customers use voice search for ordering food, shopping online or even organizing their lives. The essential keywords and content would support voice search and integrating it in an ecommerce business.

Artificial Intelligence

One of the top emerging trends in E-commerce is artificial intelligence. It delivers the customer an automated, personalized experience. This is one of the best technologies to know your customer. It supports the shops to understand their shoppers from the inside out to collect the data about when a customer purchases, how a customer shops and what and when they are looking for products.

Knowing all about the customer shopping pattern is of considerable advantage to the retailers. If one knows about their customer and when they like to buy toys online or any other items help grow the ecommerce business. The offline stores can not acquire this information. Ecommerce has the upper hand as it can use artificial intelligence technology.


The most loved global E-commerce trend is personalization. After acquiring all the essential details and information about the customers’ through artificial intelligence, the companies can use the received data to customize the products according to the customers’ needs.

Personalization is the best marketing strategy to build strong connections with the customers and lift the revenue game. It offers the customers tailor-made services without any hassle. 

Diversity in Payment Methods

Every buyer wants to pay according to their payment methods. Customers might abandon the shopping cart at the checkout when they find out that the payment mode is not according to them. It is always better to make the customers’ available with a wide variety to pay to convert the potential sale into an actual sale. Providing the save option of the payment details is another plus point as customers can pay or checkout promptly for their next purchase.

Mobile Application

Brands are making the customers’ experience smoother by formulating mobile applications. Website visits can be more time-consuming. On the other hand, mobile applications make the user explore the brand’s items from anywhere and anytime. It gives the ability to the users to pay digitally, and customers feel more simple by shopping on applications instead of websites.

Make sure to make your applications work and respond promptly; otherwise, your ecommerce business can lose ample opportunities for sales and earning profits. Technology trends in e-commerce are for real, and the companies need to stay updated with them. 


Global trends in e-commerce are taking up the market for higher revenue. Best customer service availability tops the charts. Clear the queries of the customers any time of the day without fail. There are many methods like chat boxes through which companies can solve the customers’ issues without much hassle. Few clicks, and the customer support is at your service. 


Connecting the customers with subscription plans is the best way to stay relevant and in customers’ minds. The brands lock the customers for a certain period by creating subscription plans to offer an incredible experience—trends in E-commerce impact the global market broadly. 

Sustainable Environment

E-commerce impacts global trends as in today’s times, the brands who respect sustainability and the environment stay on the priority list of the customers. Consumers are getting more aware and conscious about the environment they are living in and want the companies to sustain them for a better future. Biodegradable packaging, recyclable products, paper bags, and eco-friendly ways to be adopted by the companies for drawing the customers’ attention. 


One of the top trends in e-commerce is customers’ response to the videos. Videos are a great way of getting the customers engaged. It grabs customers’ attention instantly. Inform your customers about the product details and services through video. It is the best way to educate the customers about your brand. To know more about such amazing tips to grow your ecommerce business go and read articles on Desertcart blog.