Your Guide On How To Care For Your Leather Goods

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hand bagsLeather is an ancient material known to humans. We have been using it since the very start of our existence. It has been used as footwear, clothing, and shelter in primitive times and now used in many different forms. The production and use of leather have increased by the passing years, which has brought everyone to think about ‘how to care for it?’.

Before beginning one must know that leather is skin, which can dry, snap, peel, stain, crack, etc. So for it to last long one must take the appropriate measures to preserve it.


There are a few basic and important steps to follow when cleaning leather. Kindly follow these few steps:

1- Start by using a dry towel or cloth to wipe away any dust or dirt on your leather. Do not rub, as it might cause the leather to peel pr crack which you definitely do not want. Next, you can use a damp towel or cloth to clean the remaining dirt or dust off of your leather.

2- If by chance there is any tough dirt on the leather which did not come off by using a damp towel, then you may use soap on it. Make up a lather with the soap. Use a damp towel to wipe away the soap from the leather till its clean.

3- Once your leather is clean, let it air dry by hanging it in the open or lay it flat on the floor. Do not dry it out in the sun or ever use heat. This can cause your leather to shrink or crack. It can also fade the beautiful color of your leather faster. You should let your leather dry on its own.


Sometimes it starts raining while we are out wearing our favorite leather jacket or boots. Sometimes we spill water on our leather pants mistakenly. What to do in such a situation? We will tell you what to do. Do not under any circumstances put your leather product under direct sunlight or heat, especially if your leather product has gotten wet. Let it air dry by placing it flat on the floor or hanging it somewhere in your room. Putting leather into direct sunlight or in heat may cause your leather to shrink, crack and peel making it unwearable for you.


Direct sunlight is as harmful to leather as it is for us. When our delicate skin comes under the piercing rays of the sun, it becomes dry and ages quickly. It’s the same for leather too. Leather is not to be kept under direct sunlight because it harms the fabric by making it crack and lose its beauty. If you air-dry your leather then it will last for a very long time


Creams and oils can be called extra care for leather. They work on leather just like they work on your skin. The creams and oils moisturize the leather and make it soft, supple and give it a shine. These work superbly for keeping the leather last longer and even help to pass down the leather goods from one generation to the other.

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