Working Out at GYM v/s Working Out at Home

Which is a better option – working out at the gym or at home? People might convince you of different reasons but in the end, it’s all dependent upon personal preference. Still making things a lot easier for you, in this post, we are discussing both the pros and cons of the two options. You can easily weigh them now and make your choice:

Working Out at GYM



The first benefit of joining the gym is the variety and options you have. For instance, if love doing cardio, you have got the whole deck of choices like the stair climber, treadmill, rowing machine, elliptical, etc. If you’re doing the weight training, you have options there as well.

You have cable machines, free weights, bands and a lot more. The second benefit is the drive to drag one own self to work out because you have paid for it. Also, you get a lot inspired by the people working so hard around you. That won’t be the case while you work out all alone at home.

Other than that all you have to do in the gym is to exercise. You have no distractions like the household chores or disruptions from kids that can tempt you away from shedding those extra calories. Don’t forget the vibes you get in the GYM. It is quite motivational when everyone around you is sweating and struggling to be healthy and fit. It even makes you work harder and gives your drive a boost to “walk that extra mile”.


There is no such thing as free lunch. If you’re joining a GYM, you have to pay. Yes, it is your choice whether you want to join a 100$ fitness centre or the club asking for 10$. The second biggest disadvantage is the hassle of going to the gym. You need to get decently dressed, pack up, drive to go there and do a lot more things that will make your total time devoted to workout a bit longer.

Also don’t forget those breathless and sweaty people huffing around you, leaving sweat all over on the machines or just making it hard for you to breathe due to that cologne or perfume.

Workout at home

1. Pros

The first benefit of working out at home is that it’s a lot cheaper as there‘s no such thing as membership fees. Internet is brimmed with videos that tell you easy hacks where you don’t even need professional types of equipment or weights to workout. The second benefit is that you don’t have to dress up decently as it’s your home-you can even workout in your PJs. Do it as and when you like.

If you are joining a gym, your workout routine is pretty much limited to those four walls and types of equipment. But if you’re working out at home, you can try a different kind of workouts. Like you can go for a run or try dancing or learn to exercise with online streaming videos.

2. Cons

If you’re working out at home, there are good chances you end up avoiding it as you have thousands of excuses. Working out alone is quite boring too and there will be times when you don’t feel motivated to even move from one place. Also, you need proper space to work out which is not possible for people living in small apartments.