Why Should You Order Sample Custom Rigid Boxes?

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Custom Rigid Boxes

You have made a serious effort in designing your custom rigid boxes by incorporating various personalized elements. Why? Because you want the best packaging containers to reach you and then your ideal customers. Unfortunately, placing your custom rigid boxes wholesale order with a packaging supplier can be a nerve-wracking process as you expect that the supplier will meet your requirements and dispatch your packages on time. The best way to evade any unfortunate incident or surprise is by ordering a digital proof or packaging sample. 

Here’s how you can order your custom rigid box packaging and ask the supplier to provide digital proof or a few samples of your product boxes.   

What are Product Packaging Samples and Why Your Business Need them? 

Product box samples are actually a prototype of your bespoke boxes. These packages give you a glimpse of all the materials, finishes, and features that are similar to the final packaging. This will allow you to test the size and structure of your packaging. However, it isn’t necessary to ask for digital proof or custom rigid boxes sample every time. Instead, it will be better to request a sample when working with a supplier for the first time and don’t know what to expect from them. A perfect sample will give you the confidence to use your packages without encountering surprises. 

  • Cognize the Look and Quality of your Custom Rigid Boxes    

Getting a production-grade sample allows you to cognize and appreciate the final version of your packaging. The sample product containers are designed to fit all your needs, including add-ons and finishes like debossing and foil stamping. It gives you a view of the print quality, finishes, and packaging material that is used to craft the end product. If you are pleased with your custom rigid box samples, it is safe to say that the final packaging solution will be no different than these boxes. 

  • See How Your Products Look When Packaged in Sample Containers  

Procuring structural samples will not only allow you to test how your products could be encased and how the final packaging will look like. Of course, gaining exact box dimensions doesn’t seem to be much of a hassle, but sometimes people miscalculate their box sizes. 

With structural samples, you can quickly analyze if your product perfectly fits into your custom rigid boxes. Else, you have the opportunity to make any amends if the package is too big or too small. 

  • It’s a Stress-Free Way to Make Changes 

Often, brands find that they need to add or remove something from their packaging design. Ordering sample packages will help you visualize the end product and give you a shot at changing anything you don’t like right from box type to add-ons. 

  • Why Should Order Samples from Us?

 Here are some sets of scenarios in which you can consider placing an order for sample rigid boxes: 

  1. Before you pick up your smartphone and place an order, you need to understand what your packaging company brings to the table when it comes to quality and ease of placing the order. 
  2. If you are ordering in bulk, it’s nearly impossible to make any changes if there are any errors. In such a situation, digital proofs and sample custom rigid boxes wholesale supply help you finalize a design even before the order is placed. 
  3. It’s hard to visualize packaging. If that’s the case with you, then it’s best to request a prototype. Otherwise, you would not be able to gain an idea of the structural integrity and finalize the design.