Why Our Generation Is Depressed?

Depression is one of the common problems most of us are facing. A large number of the population have some or the other kind of depression. Stress in a greater form is called anxiety and anxiety than takes the form of depression.



1. Rejection:

It is one of the major causes why people often tend to fall in the trap of depression. We need to learn to take rejection in a positive way and grow in a positive way. Our generation tends to take rejection in a very negative way while if we take it in a positive way it will help you grow tremendously and you will be successful in life. You can listen to the podcasts of people like Jay Shetty who will help you to come out from it as a stronger person.

2. Our expectations:

Our expectations hurt us the most. We make very high expectations from ourselves, people around us, from life, etc. and when these expectations are not met, we go into depression. Lesser the expectations less will be the chances of getting hurt. We need to know that it is okay if our expectations are not met. We should not expect anything from anyone. Once you understand this your life and you will be happier. You need to understand that expectations are the reason for most people to get hurt.

3. Afraid of failure:

We all well most of us are afraid to fail. Our society had made such a big fuss about failing. We from our childhood had been taught that failing is the worst thing that can happen to you while nobody tells you that by failing you learn the most. All you have to remember is that you need to change your strategy if you have failed once. Keep on changing your strategies and always believe in hard work and you will definitely succeed. Failing is not the bad thing but accepting your defeat is.

4. Hopelessness:

Once when we lose all the hopes and accept our defeat from life, there is nothing else left to be happy about. It is the worst and the most dangerous thing. Never ever in your life or the time till you are alive don’t be hopeless. Better things are on your way.

Trust me there is much more in life that you can be happy about. You need to celebrate little achievements and reward yourself for every good thing that you do. You don’t need to be praised from someone else, remember you yourself is enough. Be hopeful of a better life every day.

I can understand that it’s hard to survive in this world and our generation have their own set of struggles that are different from the previous generation but depression is not a solution. It is a psychological disease that requires professional help.

We often use this term to look cool but trust me it is not cool, ask from the people who are actually facing depression.