Monsoon Magic: Experience the Delightful Downpour

Well it’s that time of the year when it’s raining and you are waiting for your chai and some pakoras and having that amazing view of rain through your balcony, when you try and not wear your expensive footwear outside because it might rain anytime, when girls are afraid what humidity might do to their hair, when kids wait for rain just to play in it.

God! So many things are related to this wonderful weather. Every year lot of people waits just to have a breeze of rain touch through their skin and finally and most importantly wait for the temperature to low down.

So, here are some reasons why monsoons are to die for.

Monsoons Are To Die

1. Decreases The Effect Of Hot Summers:

We all know how climate change is affecting the temperature of the earth and this time it’s even hotter and what’s better than having an amazing rain in a bad hot day. Rain a day can make your day way better and who doesn’t want to see cute kids in their cute rainy day’s outfit.

2. Farming:

Monsoons play a very important part in the life of our Indian farmers. As we live in a country were some parts of the country they don’t even have water to drink and if they don’t even have water to drink how they would even water their fields. Monsoon plays a very important part if it has rained sufficiently than a farmer can have goods crops to sell and that would help him run his family.

3. It’s A Happy Season:

Before monsoon, it’s so hot that the very first rain seems as heavenly and literally, everyone is celebrating that first rain and that amazing smell of earth. Everyone makes a plan to go on an amazing trip or hiking or explore some city. Most people even love getting wet and play in the rain. Everyone seems so happy in monsoon season.

4. Even Happy For Animals Too:

Not only us but our amazing friends so can’t speak. Due to climate change, there is not sufficient water for animals too, they struggle to get water even forest and farms are struggling to get water. So in monsoon time, it’s a party for them too. If you may have gone to some jungle safari when it’s raining you might have seen some animal just seating in water or having a fun time in the rain.

5. Rain And Chai:

This is for every Indian living in the monsoon time. They love to enjoy the rain and drink hot tea, the tea feels amazing in monsoon time somehow. Maybe it’s the rain which adds a bit of spark. Some other things like onion pakoras or corn or fried chips.

But nobody can beat the combination of rain and chai. The kitchen is open all the time in monsoon and an endless cup of chai are made, some people like chai with pakoras and some with biscuits and my personal favorite is Parle-G. All I need is a cup of chai and some Parle-G that’s a perfect monsoon for me.