What Type Of Hosting Is Ideal For A First Time Blogger?

What Type of Hosting Is Ideal for a First Time Blogger?

Writing down your thoughts has been a habit of a lot of people for a long time. Some people do it to get things out of their heads, others like to keep it as proof of their actions. But as we move on to the digital world, there is barely any time for people to use pen and paper. Internet blogging is the new hobby of a lot of enthusiastic writers who love to share their thoughts with the world.

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But to blog, you need a website, and there is nothing better than WordPress for first-time bloggers, coupled with the best-managed WordPress hosting for all your bandwidth needs. But why is it the best, you might ask; that simply because it offers what others cannot and comes at a reasonable price. It pays for itself within the year, once your website makes money.

Today, we are going to understand why WordPress is the best option for newcomers in the blogging industry. To begin, first, we need to understand the different hosting services available from various providers in the market. Here are the five most common hosting services available:

Shared Hosting Services

A shared hosting service offers to host space to websites that share their space and resources with other websites on the same server. Consider a server as a physical space in the real world. 

To build a shop or a home, you need to buy the space first. That’s what a server offers, an online space for a website. In the case of shared hosting, that space is shared among multiple websites, including the resources it has to offer.

Such type of hosting is good as long as you don’t upload heavy files to your website, such as video, high-quality images, etc., as you can quickly run out of space if you continue. But they are extremely inexpensive compared to other services on the list. This makes them ideal for websites that do not need constant updates or content changes, like a single landing page.

Dedicated Hosting Services

Dedicated hosting is the total opposite of what shared hosting services offer. If you want a server space completely dedicated to one website, this is what you go with. Unlike the last hosting service, dedicated hosting services do not share hosting space or the resources it offers. 

Everything is available only for the single user that owns the space. That means you get unfettered access to all the resources and there is never an issue with bandwidth. Which makes it an ideal option for people who are planning to operate a graphics-heavy website. But these are also the most expensive hosting plans you will find in the market.

So unless you are ready to shell out big bucks every month or year, this might not be ideal for a first time blogger as well.

Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress is one of the most user-friendly content management systems in the market, as it offers a simple yet functional interface and people with no knowledge of coding can easily operate it. This is barely the case with other CMS in the market. 

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Now you can go with other hosting and install WordPress on them, but it would either be limiting or expensive. This is why you need to be managed to host services, that are specially built to host websites built using WordPress CMS. These services are optimized for WordPress and are always more cost-effective compared to any other hosting service out there. They offer good speed and have an ample amount of space to hold a WordPress website. Just ensure you get the service only from the best WordPress hosting providers.