What is E.Q. and Why it Needs to be Discussed in Contemporary Times?

Everybody is familiar with the term intelligence quotient; researchers have studied about it, people discuss it in their everyday lives, the term has been given its due importance in every manner possible. But there is a similar term, well at least it sounds similar – the emotional quotient; a term many of us aren’t familiar with, a term which should be more common and discussed in our lives.

emotional quotient

What exactly is emotional quotient?

In its raw sense, emotional quotient is the awareness of one’s feelings. It means that an individual is able to recognize what he/she is feeling, the ability to put a label on our emotions and those of others, to be informed about our, often confusing, different feelings and then being able to put this information in use for guiding our behavior. Now I know you must be thinking how difficult could it be to recognize our own feelings? And the answer is, way more difficult than we assume it to be.

To be emotionally intelligent means being able to process all the feelings and use them to shape our behavior instead of letting them affect it. So the next question arises, why is emotional quotient important and why do we need to be aware of it?

Humans are an emotional being and our feelings play an important part in shaping our lives, some would even say that for the sole purpose of leading a meaningful life one must be able to feel and know what he/she is feeling. Think about the time when you empathies with your classmate, or when you have a meaningful conversation with your significant other when you are disheartened about reading the crime reports in the newspaper, every time you use your emotional intelligence to process all of this.

Why is it important to discuss E.Q.?

It is crucial for us to be able to recognize what we and others around us are feeling, because only when we can fully understand how something affects us can we take the right actions. To put it in other words, you can only react properly when you have processed the action properly.

What we all need to understand here is that our emotional intelligence affects us and those around us at every step of the way. So the emotional quotient needs to be discussed more. Just as parents are aware and concerned about their kid’s I.Q. they should be concerned about their E.Q. too. Our lives today have gotten really messy when it comes to emotions. Bullying, depression, insensitivity, intolerance all of these behavioral traits are closely related to emotional intelligence.

Our emotions have been living inside us and affecting our lives since forever. It is time for us to get to know them properly. When we will be able to acknowledge our feelings and of those around us better when we will able to point out what we are feeling and why so, we all would have a better grip on our behavior and thus our lives. We have always aspired to be intelligent, it’s time we add a new horizon to our intelligence. Discuss your E.Q.

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