What Do Women Take Into Account When Choosing A Car?

Best Cars for Women

Best Cars for Women

Fortunately, there are more and more working women and more and more girls are interested in buying cars for dynamic women and/or in charge of their families. Statistics also reveal that women suffer significantly fewer accidents than men, so the phrase “a woman behind the wheel, constant danger” could not be more false! In Spain alone, 79% of car accidents happen with a man at the wheel, compared to 21% of women involved. It always depends on the driver to control the car at the right time, but sometimes due to a delay in maintenance might do damage to your car and others as well. If you buy a used car online in New Zealand first thing you should do is change the oil, check the brakes and tire alignment as well.

This is largely due to the fact that most women are more cautious when it comes to driving, and while there is obviously no such thing as women’s cars, there are definitely cars that women prefer and that prioritize comfort and convenience. Space, as well as safety features such as engine speed or capacity.

A pattern that is distinguished in most women when deciding on a car and, therefore, can be considered as feminine cars, are vehicles with developed safety systems and a certain aesthetic line. But of course, for tastes the colors and what is important for one woman may not be for another. Therefore, the most important thing when buying a car for girls is knowing how to choose it.

Best cars for women

If in addition to safety you are interested in style and elegance, you can consider the Audi A1, the Chrysler 500, or the Alfa Romeo Mito, which are considered feminine cars in terms of design. The Fiat 500 and the Mini Cooper have been one of the favorite cars for women for many years. On the other hand, the Golf has five stars in safety systems, in addition to having a lot of interior space, thus making it one of the best-selling girls’ cars.

The Mercedes A 180 CDI is one of the most comfortable and safe options. In addition, the Mercedes-Benz house has the objective of becoming the preferred brand of women by 2020 and for this, it has launched a campaign aimed entirely at the female audience -Mercedes She’s-.

However, the accessories that a car may have in terms of safety are not everything. For women who choose to buy a used car, taking into account the history of the vehicle that interests you is perhaps the most important thing. To make sure that the car you are planning to buy has not been involved in an accident and/or has a hidden defect or problem, it is very important to know the history of the car and whether it has suffered an accident in the past.

How can AUTOFORTRADE help you avoid fraud?

Today, the sale of cars is one of the largest markets in the world and this also carries a high rate of fraud. If you suspect that the price does not correspond to the type of car they are trying to sell you, if the mileage seems very low compared to the age of the car, if the owner does not want to show the vehicle in person, you only need to check the vehicle in order to make a decision safe during your purchase.

AUTOFORTRADE can help you verify the identity of a vehicle or with the AUTOFORTRADE Vehicle History, which you can check before or after the purchase if the vehicle you are interested in has a defect; if the seller is indeed the owner of the vehicle, the number of previous owners, the utility that has been given to the vehicle previously, etc. To make sure that the seller of the car either a private individual or a dealer is giving you all the information about the vehicle, it is important to check it; and with the AUTOFORTRADE report, you can do it quickly and safely.