Trees Becoming Teaching Tools In Out Door Learning

The pandemic of Covid-19 uncertainty has been introduced into major aspects of society at the national level and globally. This pandemic also heavily hits the education sector, like all schools, colleges, or universities. Examples are present like from last Spring when schools were closed then the achievements disturb a lot. And all educational institutes were trying to find the best online ways for students to learn. As the next year is started now, but all institutions’ struggles continue to make better this academic year for all students.

Due to the existing situation, the institutes found the best online ways and around the best outdoor places for outdoor learning. They also found out the best outdoor teaching tools for students learning. As the schools are closed, this is also another best way for students’ achievements by following all rules and restrictions related to Covid-19.

How outdoor learning is better than online learning

As the students are studying in one specific place for their study years. And most students are fed up with the same building same surrounding. So the different places for learning impact on them very good. Now due to Covid-19 situation is different. Students are locked in their homes and dependent on online learning and other sources like nursing assignment help for their academic help. And due to this situation, they become lazy, and their mental abilities are also affected. And these overall affected their learning skills. So it is the best time to move them to a better place for learning that makes them again fresh. And their abilities are also improved again.

If we talk about the transmission of this pandemic of Covid-19, then the most safer places are outdoor spaces than indoor spaces. This fact about outdoor spaces inspires most schools to explore more options for outdoor learning. They are making it as possible as safe is the best way to contact students with their children. Because when teachers are in front of the students, they can learn more quickly.


How are trees becoming the best teaching tools?

As nature and environment impact well on all one. So why these do not become the best way for students to learn. At that time, students need to more freshness and relaxation. In 1915 when the tuberculosis epidemic war was raised in New York schools, then this approach was used. Outdoor learning has many benefits. So with nature, regular contacts students can improve their study skills. And their study achievements will be better.

According to (NRW) Natural Resources Wales, many teachers are moving now their classes outdoor. In outdoor courses has gone the number of teachers through the roof. In the last two months enrolled about 450, that compared to last year’s whole is 350. It is also said teachers in nature education pupils release the masks stress and the classrooms social distancing.

Teachers said that when they teach students in classrooms, they took trees as an example to teach them. As for math students, they use tree examples in different ways. Then now, they decide to teach them in these trees that helps them to understand better.

However, students are also satisfied with these outdoor learning that made them stress-free.

Moreover, teaching students in these trees also provide some other benefits to the students. That provides the best way to improve their different skills. These benefits are:

Physical health: when students are physically strong, they can learn in a better way. If they are not physically stable, they feel laziness.

Mental health: as nature has a peaceful impact on the mind. When students’ mental health is good, they can pick everything very fast, and their memory will be good that helps them keep this in their minds.

Academic achievements: definitely, when students are physically and mentally strong, their academic achievements also become better. That will increase their grades.

Cognitive skills: as all students don’t have cognitive skills. But in this way, they can think about different ways that will increase their cognitive skills.

Social-emotional: students become more socially in this way.

Moreover, not only students but also teachers can teach students better in this environment. In this stressful time, teachers can push students, and their creativity and thinking will become more best.


Some other benefits of trees in outdoor learning

Trees are not only the best teaching tools for outdoor learning because it provides the best environment. But also in learning, trees can use as examples that help students to learn better. So teachers can use trees in different activities to teach students. These activities are:


Activity 1

The height of the tree work out

This activity is best for match class students. Students first should find a tall tree in all of them and then work out this tree height. There is no need for any other tool for this activity except a friend and measuring stick.

Students also can use this activity as an adventure. Or it may help them in their study. Their skills will improve.


Activity 2

Tell the age of any tree

Because in the summer a tree very quickly grows. And in winter, they grow very slowly. The annual growth rings of trees build up the tree trunk. So if students want to know that how one tree is old, they can find out a cut-down tree, and by counting the number of rings of this tree, they can find out its age.


Activity 3

Bark Rubbing

Those trees that do not have leaves can also enjoy their shapes and wonderful bark of trees because that is a good time for students to take bark rubbing. Students on trees can press a thick paper sheet and rub a soft charcoal and wax crayon on the page shown in an interesting pattern.

On the earth, trees are the oldest living things, and some are the largest. Many trees in the world are the best source of oxygen. But trees also have many other benefits. Nowadays, trees are becoming the best teaching tools that provide students the best way of learning in these circumstances. These are very beneficial in different ways for them. So all schools should think about this outdoor learning way.





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