Traveling With A Pet? Read This Before You Go.

Traveling With A Pet

Every person has a need to travel because, as a human being, we live in a desire to see the beautiful world and adore the beautiful nature surrounding us. When you own a pet and start planning a trip, there are certain things that start surrounding your mind, like should you take your pet along? Well, when you are used to staying with your loving pet and want to spend more quality time with it, you might be sliding your decision towards traveling along with it. Since you are not the only one who has this wish, there are many people who travel with their pets every day, and there are many ways to make this an easy task.

We understand that traveling and packing are exhausting to manage altogether as suddenly you have to Travel with a pet might increase your burden if you are a soul person trying to manage it all. There are certain formalities that you need to take care of before making a move, and you need to pack a separate bag for your pet’s essentials. If you are traveling with your pet there are two options:

  1. Hire pet shippers. The pet shipping company takes all the responsibilities of your pet, and you need to think about anything related to your loving pet. The company would deliver it to your destined location with all care and safety.
  2. Make a list of everything that you need to do before onboarding to make sure that you have planned a perfect trip for your pet and yourself.

Below is given a small guide which might help you through the process:

Prepare your pet for travel.

If you are traveling to a different state or to a new country, there are certain essentialities you need to accomplish before planning ahead. Many states and countries take pet shipping very seriously and have certain rules that you must follow. You must make sure that your pet has taken all the suggested vaccinations, especially the rabies vaccine, at least thirty days before the travel date. They also might require parasite testing results stating ‘negative’ before the travel, and the test must also be taken

Pamper your pet all the while.

Animals are not used to the changes and start acting differently as soon as they sense a shift in the space. To ensure their comfortable surroundings, you must keep them pampered. You can put the pet’s favorite treats inside the carriage as the less stressful they would be, the more they would enjoy the trip. You must also keep their carriage open in the space for a few days before the travel and put the bedding and food inside it. This would help it to become familiar with the cage and would not feel uncomfortable later.

Ensure all safety measures.

  • When you plan to travel by air with your pet, you must always book their tickets along with yours as the airlines have only a limited number of seats reserved for pets. Once you are about to make the bookings, you must always call the airlines and ask them about certain rules and ensure that your pet does not lie in the breeds that are not allowed to travel in their airlines. If they ask, you want your pet to travel in-cabin or cargo, always opt for a cabin, and enjoy your beloved company while being on the journey. You must always make sure that you pick a perfect carriage for your pet to ensure safety. The carriage must be approved and should be compatible enough for you and the pet transporters to handle it. The carriage must not have a lock but a latch instead of an easy out in the case of an emergency.
  • If you are traveling by road, you must always take extra care towards the safety precautions. You must always make sure that the carriage is held with a seat belt, and there is no chance of it to slide back on the seat. While on the drive, you cannot handle anything lightly, as it might be very dangerous. You must never keep your pet on the side seat even while in the carriage, but on the back seat. You must always carry food and water stalked with you and must feed it while on the journey by taking a few small breaks in between.

Rooming with your pet.

You must always make sure that you make the bookings at a pet-friendly hotel in advance because you cannot roam around the city along with your pet and luggage in the search for a perfect stay, especially after traveling. There are many hotels that provide a pet-friendly stay and have various services exclusively for your beloved pet.