Things To Do In Peoria

Things To Do In Peoria
Things To Do In Peoria

Peoria has a myriad of activities and places to do. It can be overwhelming due to the numerous possibilities We’ve put together an itinerary for you to take on during a three days stay in Peoria. This list will provide you with an initial point of reference to help you determine what you’d like to explore. You are free to add or remove items from your list based on what interests you!

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Old Landmarks

Historic sites can be an ideal way to begin your trip so you’ll gain a greater understanding of the place you’re visiting and the way it was to be here in past. There are several museums that provide insight into some of the most fascinating historical events.

The Wheels O’Time Museum is a wonderful location for all ages to take a trip. There are many classic and collector automobiles to view along with trains as well as fire trucks, aircrafts and much other things. There are also exhibits that will assist you in gaining more knowledge of the past of the area. Princeville Heritage Museum is another amazing place that anyone who loves history would be mad to leave out. It’s a sprawling 30,000-square-foot site that is home to agricultural machinery, including steam-powered tractors, among other things. The museum is frequently used as a point of departure for field trips to schools and field trips, however if you’re looking to know more about local history, then you’ll need to include it on your list of places to go. The Pettengill Morron House Museum is a wonderful model of gorgeous architectural design that dates back to a different time. The curving roof, pillared front porch, and intricate detailing are an ode to the builders and architects from the previous era. The house is open to visitors and features furnishings and ornaments that belonged to the first owner. If you’re interested in visiting the home, you can get an audio tour guide to guide you through the house and give you about the history of the house.

After a day of studying, be sure you refresh yourself at the top eateries. Peoria is home to many options from sports bars and grills to vegetarian choices. If you’re in need of the perfect coffee fix, there’s plenty of cafes you can choose from.

Discover the Wildlife

A visit to Peoria isn’t complete without experiencing the beauty nature offers. Take a dip in the water at Mineral Springs Park. There are a variety of colourful paddle boats are available for visitors to paddle at your own speed. When exploring the lagoon, there is a chance to see aquatic wildlife or ducks paddling by you. Bike trails are ideal to enjoy the outdoors while exercising. They take in a lot of terrain and enjoy stunning views from multiple spots. If you’re looking for a place to start then Rock Island Trail State Park is a good choice. Rock Island Trail State Park is fairly easy and smooth.

Take a trip to an outdoor campsite and make some Smores at Jubilee College State Park. The park is comprised of 3200 acres. Bring a tent or bring an RV for the whole family. It’s also an excellent way to get around with a tight budget. You can stay the night in the campground and exploring Peoria in the daytime.

Do not forget any outdoors seasonal events that may be scheduled. For instance, the Morton Pumpkin Festival is a four-day celebration that focuses on everything pumpkin. There’s food, pumpkin weighing and more.

Play For the Kids

If you have kids ensure that you include places that are suitable for children. What kid wouldn’t want to take a bike ride during a sunny day in the summer? Bicycle Safety Town will be a great spot for your children to enjoy their bikes without having to worry about open roads and cars. The roads are all one-way and safe for children to ride.

Are you looking to catch an MLB game? Get some hot dogs and take in the action on Dozer Park which is home to the Peoria Chiefs. It’s situated in the heart the city of Peoria and within walking distance to a lot of hotels that are located in the vicinity. If your kids aren’t into baseball, they may like minigolf. Mt. Hawley Bowl and Castle is the perfect place to enjoy an enjoyable game with your loved ones on an enjoyable summer day. Apart from mini golf, there’s arcades and bowling that is available. If you have boys who are currently in the trucking phase They’ll love the Caterpillar Visitors Center. It has a gallery of exhibits and displays that include enormous Caterpillar trucks as well as equipment. You are able to stay as long as you like in the museum, and after you go home, you can stop by the Merchandise Center for a variety of models of Caterpillars and other memorabilia.