The State Of SEO 2019 – Infographics


Many marketers want to know what was the status of SEO in 2019. They want to know whether SEO strategies worked in 2019 or not so that they would decide whether they should invest in SEO in 2020 or not. 

SEO strategies are applied by marketers and website owners to increase the visibility of their site and get a high rank. The website owners learn and use SEO to get organic traffic. But most site owners who have no clue about SEO hire SEO professionals to perform SEO for their website. But SEO professionals demand a considerable amount of money from them in return. In 2020 website owners are hesitated to invest money in SEO because there is a debate going on that paid media works better. Here we will provide you brief information about the state of SEO in 2019. 

Studies have found that most marketers and website owners do not spend on SEO because they can’t afford it. They face a shortage of budget and ignore SEO. Most of the marketers and business owners invest in SEO, but they have no clue about how they can measure the impact of SEO on their search results. 

Competitor’s awareness

Marketers and agents of the company should gather proper information about SEO and the tools of SEO before deciding to invest in SEO. They must understand the fundamentals and models of SEO

The prime reason why marketers are struggling to make a secure investment is because of competitive awareness—yes, spying on competitors’ help. But these marketers know everything about their competitors and try to copy their competitors, which doesn’t help. The marketers need to know if a particular strategy or keyword worked for one business owner, then it won’t always work for you too. The marketers must make a proper plan for their goals and objectives. They should also not let their competitor become too aware of their company and website, or else the competitor might start targeting their branded keywords. 

Education of SEO

The survey reveals that most marketers and business owners do not know SEO and are unaware of it. They don’t know anything about the best SEO practices. 

At an industrial level, we are needed to educate more and more people about SEO. The tactics of SEO also keep updating and changing, and people need to have more excellent knowledge about SEO. Experience is power, and this formula works in any industry. If you want to learn and grow as a digital marketer, then you must learn SEO. 

State of SEO 

Many marketers talked about the state of SEO. They expressed their opinion about SEO and the challenges they faced in applying SEO tactics. 


During 2018 only 22% of marketers used to spend their money on SEO, but in 2019 the budget increased to 48%, which is more than double. In 2019, the marketers and website owners realized the effectiveness of SEO and started investing in it. Here is what the marketers said about the effectiveness of SEO. 


The effectiveness and importance of SEO also grew a lot in 2019 as it was in 2018. In 2018, only 88% of marketers said that applying SEO strategies is essential, while in 2019, around 97% of marketers said that SEO techniques are effective. 

Effectiveness of SEO for a brand 

In 2018, only 79% of the marketers and company owners said that SEO is essential for the success of a brand or is effective. But in 2019, the percentage grew up to 97%, and only 3% of marketers said that SEO is ineffective for the brand. 

Best practices

Many marketers who thought they are ignorant about SEO they succeeded in learning and implementing SEO strategies. And those who would consider themselves as an expert had experienced failure. 

Most effective SEO practice

The creation of high-quality content is still the best and highly effective SEO method. Marketers should know that they must create several types of content, and Google seeks detailed information. 

38% of marketers said that keyword saturation is the most effective SEO strategy, and 38% suggested that matching anchor text is an effective way. 

In 2019, 20% of the marketers believed that link building is essential while the other 20% said no SEO technique is the most effective. Only 1% focused on the creation of new content. 


In 2019, 49% of competitors felt that they are spending sufficient time in spying the competitor, while 50% believe in the opposite. 

Branded keywords

52% of marketers said that the companies actively target their branded keywords; 28 % believed it’s not true, while 20% had no clue about whether the companies target their branded keywords or not. 

Bottom line

In 2019 more and more marketers started realizing the importance of effective SEO strategies and started implementing those strategies in their business. In 2020, even more, business owners have recognized the effectiveness of SEO. The future of SEO looks bright. And SEO would be useful as long as there are internet and search engine. But it’s meaning and strategies will keep updating now and then.