The Best Ways to Promote Your Electrician Services for the Corporate & Private Sector

Electrician Services for the Corporate & Private Sector

We are currently living in a world where electrical appliances, gadgets, instruments, and machines have flooded our homes and offices. The home appliances industry alone is forecasted to generate nearly $590 million by 2020. Over the years our consumption of electricity as well has increased tremendously. In 2012 the world’s electricity usage was around 18,608 TWh. Where one TWh (terawatt per hour) equals to 1 billion kilowatts. That is more than enough power to continuously run a thousand electric heaters of 1kW rating for over 11 years nonstop.

All of this shows how tremendously dependent we have become on electricity and electric devices. Hence for any company that offers electrician services, there is a huge opportunity for them to promote their services and reap the benefits from the forces present within such a marketable industry. Let’s take a look at some of the prominent ways through which you can go about doing just that:

Invest In Major Work-Type Opportunities

There is no doubt that every job for an electrician greatly varies from one another. This is why as a company offering such services you need to direct yourself towards the major types of work that are commonly presented such as:

  • New construction projects – they take a huge chunk of the most common types of task and thus comprise 50% of all available opportunities.
  • Replacement of electrical systems in existing structures such as building – they comprise 30% of all available opportunities.
  • Repair work – they comprise 20% of all available opportunities.

Once you are able to identify your targeted audience, then you will be able to cater to their needs in a more focused and dedicated manner. This will thus propel you to become more effective and efficient in dealing with similar projects and tasks.

Increase Your Brands Visibility

The more people are able to recognize your brand and business the better chances for you to get referrals and further expand your clientele. You can use the digital realm to support you in your quest by developing a website for the 3.2 billion internet users of the world, create social media profiles and business pages, mark your business on listing sites and user review sites, developing a smartphone application for users, and much more. You can also reap tremendous benefits by creating custom logo electrical worker uniforms for your work staff as this will allow them to carry your company’s name, brand, contact information, logo, and message proudly on their shoulders for everyone to see.

You can also use the print media to propel your promotional schemes that can be used towards getting attention from the general public. Business cards, pamphlets, broachers, newsletters, and press releases can all help you create recognition for your business within a locality. Even email marketing to this day if used properly can help you generate an ROI of 124% which is incredible, to say the least.

Network with Business Associates and Partners

There are many local businesses that often require a need for a reliable company that can provide them with professional electricians whenever they require repair and maintenance regarding their appliances and tools. Hence you should transform them into your business partners and ask for their referrals including other businesses operating within the community. This will help you to reach out further towards your targeted markets.

There might be some industry-related events like a meet and greet for local construction companies and contractors that you should always remember to attend. Furthermore, you can introduce your offered services to homeowners association as they can exponentially augment your overall reach towards new prospects. You should also maintain your previous customer record and consider it as a significant obligation. Try and develop loyalty programs for them to make your offers more lucrative, for example, ‘a free annual check’ etc.

As a company offering electrician services for the corporate and private sector, you must understand that you need to create distinguished appeal to your offered amenities. Without this, your company would not be able to receive the recognition it deserves.

We hope this post was able to offer you some great insights as to how you can promote your electrician services to the community you primarily serve within. For more questions and queries regarding the topic please feel free to let us know of your views and opinions in the comment section below.