Surprise Your Husband On His Birthday And Win His Heart

Surprise Your Husband On His Birthday And Win His Heart

He is your best friend, your partner in crime, the love of your life and your soul mate- he is the king to your queen, the Ross to your Rachel, the Ted to your Robin. He is your forever, he is your husband! He is the one who might piss you off the most but he is also the one who makes you laugh until your stomach hurts, he might unintentionally end up hurting you once in a while but he would give up his life for you if needed, he might fight with you sometimes but he will fight the world for you, he can’t think of a life without you and would do whatever it takes to keep you happy. Don’t you think this man deserves to feel special too, especially on a day as important as his birthday? Of course he does!


He might be the least demanding person you have ever come across but just so you know, he too loves surprises and loves to feel special- after all, he too is just a human being like you and me. Are you wondering how to make him feel even half as special as he makes you feel, on his birthday? We have made a list full of ideas for the loving wives all across the world who wants to wants to give a surprise to your beloved husbands on their birthdays and make them feel special- 


  • Go on a trip

Go on a trip, just the two of you and we promise this trip will be one of the most romantic ones in your life and also one of the most memorable ones ever. You both might have been married for ages now and chances are that the spark between you two is now lost, in that case, this trip is needed even more than you think it’s required


If you think taking a long trip is not possible at the moment, that’s okay too- just go away for the weekend, it can be even somewhere that’s just an hour away from your city.  If even that’s not possible because of work or any other reason, just spend a day or two at a hotel in your own city only- even this will make you both feel special and in love all over again. 


  • Bake him a cake 

Husbands love it when their wives bake them birthday cakes- after all, a cake is definitely one of the most important things on a birthday. If you at all can’t bake a cake, make sure you order a fresh personalized cake for the love of your life. You can order cake online and get it delivered to your doorstep!


To make this even more special, get a freshly baked cake and some fresh flowers delivered at midnight on his birthday to start the day in an amazing way- yes, now midnight flower delivery in Mumbai and every other Indian city and also midnight cake delivery is simple like never before.


  • Take him out on a date

Chances are that all your life, he has been the one between you two who has taken the initiative of a date. Reverse the roles and on his birthday, you take him out on a romantic date. It can be anything he likes- movie date, lunch/dinner/breakfast date, picnic date, amusement park date, etc. You can even set up a candle light dinner date at your place and surprise him in the most romantic way ever- set up the venue in a romantic way with fresh flowers and balloons, play some soft romantic music, bake or order a fresh cake of his choice, prepare a delicious meal, light some candles, and have the most beautiful date ever. 


Don’t forget to gift him some romantic flowers on this date- be it a red rose bouquet, Carnations, Peonies, or any flower of his choice!


  • Gift him a day at the spa

Spas are not just for women, in fact, they are just as loved by men too- it’s just that they don’t always say it out loud or make it evident that they too need a relaxing spa session to say goodbye to all the stress that they go through. After all, men too are human beings and have rough stressful days, therefore they too need to have self-care sessions that their bodies badly deserve. 


Make your man feel like he is the king of the world on his special day. Also, don’t forget to love him a lil extra on this day, give him a few extra hugs & kisses, and tell him “I love you” a few extra times!