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I purchased this apparent six-core AMD machine on xfurbish for the grand sum of 70 pounds and from what I saw in the picture as well it’s in need of a tiny bit of an upgrade so in today’s one we’re going to clean it up to do a little bit of cable management.

Where necessary and give it a tiny bit of a GPU and ram upgrade in order to get this thing gaming again but of course, it’s gaming performance totally relies on what’s already inside this system so let’s get it out of the box here and take an in-depth look at what we’ve got so as you can see this machine doesn’t look to be in too bad of a condition there are a  few marks and scratches as described in the listing but overall I think it looks ok there’s a couple of sticker marks here too but the case has held up pretty well throughout the shipping process and since whenever this has been built so let’s take a look inside and here.

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Refurbished Gaming PC

We are well it certainly looks like we’ve got the FX 6100 CPU as described in there listing and I can see that this is indeed an am3+ motherboard aside from that the cables are a bit all over the place and there is a tiny bit of dust so I guess we should probably get that cleaned up as well just to make sure it doesn’t interfere with thermals later down the line first of all though every time I purchase a brand new PC I like to give it a bit of an exterior clean just to make sure we get rid of any fingerprints it sounds like I’m cleaning up a crime scene testing, hey it’s there are any you know greasy marks on it bits of dust things like that it was then time to remove all of the internal components that we could give the case a quick.

once-over on the inside removing any of that loose dust that I previously mentioned now the first step in doing this is just to disconnect basically every cable that goes to the motherboard because we’re just going to be removing the motherboard CPU and RAM combo today but I’ll leave the hard drive and power supply in place as these seem pretty clean and there isn’t much gathered up here though you can take everything out if you wish to once this was done well I  gave the case a nice clean inside with this microfiber cloth here and to be honest it really wasn’t that dirty overall I think the previous owner must have already cleaned it up and that’s nice to see because sometimes a PC will turn up and it will be absolutely caked in filth and that isn’t pleasant, to be honest especially.

If it’s 10 or 15 years’ worth of dust if you’re opting for an  older machine now to give this thing the  best chance of gaming I decided that we  should probably replace the 4 gigs of  RAM as you can see we’ve got 2 2 gig  sticks in here I thought we should  replace those with 2 4 gigabyte sticks  instead and so I swapped these modules  out for the Ballistics sport memory just  standard speed nothing special ballistic  sport for gig ddr3 this will just give  us generally better results in everyday  usage as well as gaming it’s also a good  idea to replace the thermal paste on the  CPU whenever you purchase the  second-hand PC because it’s always  impossible to tell how long the original  thermal paste has been under here as you  can see here the thermal paste on this  heatsink has obviously been here quite a  while because it literally flaked off  all I had to do was pretty much look at  it and it just started to fall off both  the process and heatsink here you can  then just replace this with a little  pea-sized amount of new thermal compound  and that should keep things nice and  cool now I always find that AMD heat  sinks are a little trickier than Intel  stock ones to reinstall but it shouldn’t  really be that difficult all you’ve got  to do is line these hooks up and flip  the retention lever over once you’ve done that when I first built in AMD PC I  remember thinking this is the hardest  thing I’ve ever done I don’t know why  but I just could not get the hooks in  the right place but now of course it’s a  pretty simple process to do you’ll know  it’s secure because you should be able  to pick up the whole motherboard using  just the heatsink as I’ve done here and once we’ve done that we can put this  combination back into our newly cleaned  and dust free case usually on micro ATX  woods there should be about six screws.

If you’ve taken it out of a prebuilt  system in the first place the  motherboard that is then you should know  how many screws you removed and  therefore you’ll know how many screws  you’ve got to put back in next up it’s  time to wire everything back up now  although we’ve got a cheap power supply  in here I didn’t think of replacing it  because the graphics card  I’ve got doesn’t require a lot of power  so one will run slowly off the  motherboard power I think this is some  sort of CIT 400 watt power supply it  does have one six pin connector, we won’t even be needing that and the good  thing about these cheap power surprises  risky as they can sometimes be for more  powerful graphics card users is that  they don’t often have a lot of cables so  cable management it’s actually made a  little bit easier now that does not make  up for the fact that they could blow up  and take your whole system with them but  in this case I’ve used CIT power  supplies before and they seemed ok  especially if you’re using a weak of GPU  and if I was building this system from  scratch.

Then I definitely wouldn’t have picked this one output it that way it’s also very important to remember that you’re probably going to want to install a fan at the rear of any PC you build I  haven’t done so for this video because mine hasn’t arrived I thought this was a  hundred and twenty-millimeter slot here but it turns out that this requires a  smaller fan and I just don’t have one of those right now so I’ve purchased one and as soon as it arrives I will be putting it at the back of this system to help with airflow it’s essential that you have at least one extra fan in your PC to help deal with the hot air and also put the other side panel on because we’re not going to be doing any cable management around this side because there simply isn’t enough room here.

I’m going to keep all of  the cables inside the main part of the  PC just use a few cable ties to keep  things a bit tidier now these cable ties  are so handy especially if you want to  keep things neat inside a PC system you  literally just loop the round pull them  tight and cut off the excess bit here  you know I still have no idea how you’re  supposed to remove these I always just  cut them off if I need to but I think  you can pull a little lever on them  somewhere and they undo again so they  can be used more than once I think it’s  probably important to hook up all the  important cabling first before you  do any cable management with these cable  ties because you never know when you  might need to rearrange things a little  bit and if you’ve tied the cables up  tight you might not be able to put them  where you want to as you can see here  I’ve connected the motherboard up the  four pin connector as well as the SATA  hard drive and DVD drive as well and I’m  trying to be as careful as I can about  where I put the cables so that they’re  both neat and there isn’t too much  tension on them I usually save these  SATA cables until last because well I  don’t know why really it’s just the way  I’ve always done it I’m sure you all  will have your own unique way of putting  together a PC and an order in which we  do things and I’ve always just put the  SATA cables in last the front panel  connectors in this case were also pretty  simple because they were color coded so  the correct cable matched up to  the colors on the motherboard which was  quite handy and it saves you trying to  see how they’re labelled on the board  itself this is probably the most fiddly  part of any computer build is getting those front panel connectors hooked up  but once it’s done.

It’s a pretty good feeling so as you can see our PC is a  little bit cleaner now a little bit tidy  as far as cables are concerned and it  was time to put a graphics card inside  this thing because we wouldn’t be able  to game without one now I chose an 80  pounds gtx 1050 that I found second-hand  on the over clockers website in fact I  think this was an open box product  it requires no additional power and so  work just fine with this cheap 400 watt  power supply this is the sort of  situation that 1050 was designed for being put into pcs with sort of  questionable power supply units and you should be absolutely fine though as I say if you’re building a system from scratch I would certainly recommend a  better PSU because you never know when your wants are up gray and with that  done now it’s time to check out some  games how does the FX 6100 handle games  when paired with a GTX 1050 and what is  a pretty cheap PC build now because I  seem to be having one of those weeks all  of the footage I captured from this PC  went missing I swapped the hard drive.

I recorded it to back into my PC and the  folder was no longer there which was an  excellent start so I’ll just have to  talk about the results to some non-represent  background gameplay now in Cinebench r15 the CPU tests the FX 6100 set between an  old core 2 extreme as stuck and  overclocked speeds as you can see here  this gives you some idea of the level of  performance of this older processor and  I have to say that actually using it doesn’t feel all that snappy now these  FX processors were never really regarded  as very good in all honesty I had one a  while ago and it seemed to be ok when  paired with a 7950 but it was certainly  the bottleneck in the system when it  came to games we’ll start off with  battlefield 5 here you’re probably going  to have to expect closer to 30 frames  per second than anything else  now this isn’t solely because of the CPU  but the GTX 1050 will also be the limiting factor in some instances  however this is still a vast improvement over what we would have seen should we  have no graphics card in here.

The intention here was just to get this old PC gaming again and I think we’ve done that at 1080p you’re going to be ok with low or medium settings throughout most of the titles that you try and this isn’t just for battlefield 5 but it pretty much replied to all 4 games that  I tested out today just calls for as well averaged just over 35 frames per second just don’t expect to turn things right up I think this is a more GPU  intensive game anyway so the higher load was definitely with 1050 here and the actual effects both of these pair quite well together in the grand scheme of things it’s just that overall both of these are sort of entry-level components shadow of the Tomb Raider 41 frames per second on average here with the low not the very low present.

Just the low-preset here with anti-aliasing turned off I just ran the in-game benchmark test it’s a good job we upgraded to that eight gigs of ram as well because I’d consider that probably the bare minimum for modern triple-a titles for might still work okay in some instances but I found eight gigs are still perfectly acceptable for 1080p gaming and that’s certainly the better way to go as we move into mid and late 2019  finally I ended with player unknowns battlegrounds and this ran the best with  53 frames per second on average the one percent lows and point those were also quite stuttering here as they have been throughout I think this is the processors doing I saw quite a  few statuses here and there but as I said before it’s a big improvement.

Over what we would have seen should we not have the 10:50 all the eight gigs of RAM in here the idea here was just to get this thing gaming again on a small budget and  I think we’ve done an okay job of that this would make a pretty decent basic PC  and there’s something just exciting and very satisfying about taking an old computer that seems somewhat forgotten about and turning into something that can actually handle certain situations again so with that I’m gonna win this has been the FX PC restoration I hope you guys have enjoyed it let me know if you still use one of these FX 6100  processors in your PC because I’d be interested in hearing how it performs.