Quadrapay Makes it a Delight to Open European High-Risk Merchant Account

 High-Risk Merchant Account


It is a tough task for businesses to have a merchant account opened by a financial institution. The risk associated with the merchant account is dependent on the type of business you are running. The presence of “high-risk merchant accounts” catering to companies in high-risk industries is nothing short of a blessing for them.

Quadrapay is specially designed for High-Risk merchants like It Support, online pharmaceutical, dating websites and many others across the world. Quadrapay’s high-risk solution is the perfect solution for payment gateway across several countries. Their team boasts of years of experience and specialized knowledge in the area of high-risk merchant account Europe or credit card processing for the high-risk industry. This global merchant services reseller company, with its national and international connections with partners, offers reliable credit, debit and e-check processing to almost every industry.  


   What is a High-Risk Merchant Account?

  • Debit or credit card payment funds are deposited in a merchant account. After this gets cleared, the funds are transferred to a business account. If the business falls in the category of ‘at risk of credit card fraud or returns,’ it is considered high risk. 
  • The merchant bank is aware that there could be transactions with hiccups down the road. 
  • Before opening merchant accounts for high-risk businesses, the banks analyze their activities and assess the risk involved. Owing to the risk involved, high premiums are imposed on such accounts.
  • Banks consider following the businesses high risk:  if likely to fail; sued by dissatisfied customers; bad credit history, and if the business is blacklisted. With no merchant account, it becomes difficult for a business to accept payments. This makes these businesses gravitate towards opening an offshore merchant account where the laws are less conservative instead of harsh charges.
  • The criteria rendering a business “high risk” keeps changing. Today many businesses like online gaming or pharmacies can boast of having high-risk merchant accounts. 

         High-Risk Industries

The online industry is deemed as high risk. With a spurt in the online presence of businesses, there is an increasing demand for high-risk merchant accounts. The unique challenge of card payments made online plays a huge role in making online businesses a risky proposition.  Apart from this, there is a risk of fraud, criminal activity, returns, etc.

  High-Risk Online Businesses:

  • eCommerce
  • Adult entertainment
  • Online gaming
  • Affiliation
  • Online dating sites
  • Telemarketing
  • Travel services
  • Vitamin and supplement sales
  • Online auctions
  • Software downloads
  • Horoscopes
  • Telecommunications
  • Multi-level marketing
  • Online media
  • Forex
  • VoIP services

Example of the high-risk industry: E-gaming

Egaming is a quintessential high-risk online business. Several factors make gaming a high-risk industry.

  • Chargeback disputes,
  • Complex legal issues,
  • International clientele,
  • Risk of gambling addiction

Offshore Merchant banks are wary of high-risk online businesses with the following characteristics:


  • Offshore jurisdictions 
  • Caught up in fraud
  • An online business 
  • A new startup 
  • No transaction or credit history


Ecommerce and High Risk

Many a time online vendors may not be aware that their business venture falls under high-risk category. It is only when you set up a payment gateway, merchant account and business account that you realize that your business entails risk. In case you are disapproved for a regular merchant account, you will have to apply for an eCommerce high-risk merchant account. 


Best High-Risk Merchant Accounts for Online Businesses

You ought to find a merchant bank that has experience working with online businesses and high-risk merchants. It could involve getting rejected by many financial institutions, payment processors and merchant banks before you find the right bank for your high-risk merchant account.  No wonder finding the right financial institution for you can be challenging. Do not fall into the trap of paying an exorbitant amount just because you are in a high-risk industry. Several merchant banks do the needful for a reasonable fee. 

Guaranteed Business Bank Account for High-Risk Activities

Banks require businesses to meet certain criteria and risk parameters. It is entirely at the bank’s discretion whether it agrees to open your business account or not. Besides, it is forbidden for the bank to enter into any discussion with the potential customer about the assessment of his business’s risk.

Offshore High-Risk Merchant Accounts in Europe

European banks have strict standards.  Several documents including credit history and a record of transactions are required. Businesses are categorized according to the level of risk they present. Those ranked as high risk like online ventures are not accepted by European banks. This leads many online businesses to open an offshore high-risk merchant account.

Quadrapay makes it possible to transfer the funds from offshore merchant accounts anywhere in the world with no tax liabilities. Opening an international merchant account with Quadrapay’s association benefits e-commerce businesses like casinos, and biotech companies.