Plan an Unforgettable Three Day Itinerary to Dubai

Itinerary to Dubai

Dubai is one of the most breathtaking cities in the world that entertains every visitor. Exploring Dubai completely in one trip is very difficult as the city comprises numerous wonders. From the world’s tallest building to the biggest indoor park and from the largest shopping malls to the marvelous man-made garden, you find everything in this city and the list of tourist attractions never ends here. If you are planning a trip to Dubai and don’t want to miss the best places in a hurry, then this article is for you because we are going to share an amazing 3-day itinerary to Dubai

Day 1 

On the first day, we have scheduled three places for you and all of them have managed to make a prominent place in the list of the best Sights & Landmarks in Dubai. 


  • Palm Jumeirah 


This magnificent place is the best option to start your day. The artificial archipelago is located on the Jumeirah coast and known as one of the poshest areas in the world. You can walk alongside the coast and see the beauty of luxurious houses, extravagant hotels, shopping centers, and beach clubs. The location is ideal for visiting with family as there are a number of Aquaventure Waterparks where you can experience kayak tours and see the islands branching out into the sea. 

How to Unleash Maximum Fun? 


  • Palm Jumeirah offers you to skydive from the height of 4, 000 meters and see the beauty of the island from the top. 
  • Many cruises float on the coastline which also offers small trips from one side to another. 
  • Eat delicious food in world-class restaurants and bars. 
  • The recommended experiences in Palm Jumeirah include Palm Jumeirah Yellow Boat Tour, Aquaventure Waterpark, and Palm Jumeirah Jet Ski Tour. 
  • Two hours would be enough for visiting this place. 
  • Flyboarding Palm Jumeirah 


Accomplish your dream of flying like an ironman! Flyboarding facility at Jumeirah Beach gives you a great chance to make your dream come true and it’s also not fat from the 1st destination. Jumeirah Beach is the home of water activities, but flyboarding is ranked best among all. Actually, it consists of a board that is connected with a hose pipe. A person stands on the board and flies in the air when water pushes the hose pipe upwards due to the extreme pressure. The rider can adjust his position on the board to stand still or fly high. 

How to Unleash Maximum Fun? 

  • Follow the instructor’s directions and wear comfortable shoes. 
  • Be confident as it’s a safe play. 
  • You can plan to stay 1-2 hours in Jumeirah Beach.


  • Dubai Desert Safari 


To feel the real essence of Arab culture, you must experience a desert safari and explore the area with your friends or family. Desert Safari is a complete package that starts from adventurous activities and ends at a sound sleep on the cool sand. Different activities are available for tourists which give thrilling experiences to adventure lovers. Enjoy camel ride and see the beauty of desert. Sandboarding, dune bashing, and bike riding are some other full of fun activities for youngsters while the delicious local food makes your trip a second to none experience. The sheer number of activities has made Desert Safari one of the most popular places in Dubai and we also recommend it to our readers. 

How to Unleash Maximum Fun? 

  • It’s an ideal place for family trips, but you must be very careful when taking part in thrilling activities specifically dune bashing. Wear a helmet and other safety equipment and it’s always recommended to hire the services of experienced drivers. 
  • Girls shouldn’t forget henna that is a traditional Arab tattoo. 
  • Traditional music and belly dance lest you experience the beauty of Arab nights. 
  • Sandboarding, balloons flights, and bike riding give lifetime memories. 
  • 3-5 hours are enough for Desert Safari and you can also spend a night here.

Day 2

Like day 1, just three more destinations are scheduled for day 2 so you can explore them completely instead of wasting time moving from one place to another. 


  • Bastakiya Quarter 


The place is best for history and culture lovers and you will surely won’t disappoint if a visit with family. Bastakiya reflects the points from where Dubai started off its advancement journey and the place is saved from the extreme urbanization the city has gone through in the last few decades. You can see old-fashioned streets and old houses with truly Islamic architecture. A textile souk is also situated near the Bastakiya Quarter where you can buy some of the best clothe bolts. 

How to Unleash Maximum Fun? 

  • The old town is located at the west end of Dubai creek. You can relax for a few moments on a cruise after hopping between galleries and restaurants. 
  • You can visit the place between 9 AM to 6 PM and 1 hour would enough to see the place completely. 
  • City tours are highly recommended that take you to all important attractions in Dubai. 


  • Aquaventure Waterpark


After visiting the old town, now it’s time to enjoy some cool water and nothing is a better option than Aquaventure Waterpark. It’s present in a resort named ‘’The Palm Resort’ and known as the largest waterpark in the world. The beautiful and full of amazement park has also won several awards and popular for its 90-foot slides, large water boats, and shark-infested lagoon. Poseidon’s Revenge is the most famous among all that drops you down from 75 feet high slide and moves you in a double loop. 

How to Unleash Maximum Fun? 

  • Visit with family and let your children experience some outstanding activities which they won’t find anywhere else in the world. 
  • It opens for tourists at 10 AM and closes after sunset. 
  • Aquaventure tickets, Jet ski combo, and Lost chambers combo are recommended activities for adventure lovers. 
  • Plan to stay a 3-5 hour tour. 


  • Dubai Marina Dinner Cruise 


Dubai Marina ranked 7th most popular landmark in Dubai on TripAdvisor and extremely good for families and cruises.  It’s the best way to end your second day here and relax with a cruise dinner. The 3km long artificial canal is built along the Persian Gulf and known as one of the most ambitious projects due to its extremely different nature. The place showcases the most advanced form of the city, surrounded by skyscrapers and world-class restaurants. Among the bright street lights, the waterfronts and fountains make an awe-inspiring view that spells bound the viewer. A number of landmarks and sights are present here including Dubai Yacht Club, Dubai Marin Mall, Jumeirah Beach Resident, etc. 

How to Unleash Maximum Fun? 

  • Sightseeing cruises are the best way to see the landmarks of the area present around the banks of Marina. 
  • Dubai Marina Mall has a number of waterfront restaurants in which you can visit and eat your favorite food. 
  • Just two hours required for this destination. 

Day 3  

Places we have scheduled for the third day are also very popular and won’t disappoint you anyway. 


  • Dubai Mall


On the third day, invest some time in shopping and see the luxurious malls in Dubai. Dubai Mall is a heaven for shopping lovers and ranked #1 among all shopping places. The lavish mall occupies 12 million sq feet space and located at Downtown Dubai. There are 1200 local and international outlets present in the mall including the world’s top brands such as Burberry, Loreal Paris, Versace, etc. More than 150 food chains are also offering their services while underwater zoos and aquarium are prominent attractions for children. 

How to Unleash Maximum Fun? 

  • Be careful about the timing of the mall. It stays open from 10AM to 12 AM. 
  • Leave kids to the themed parks and do shopping with peace of mind. No need to worry about security.
  • You can easily spend two hours shopping. 


  • Burj Khalifa 


It’s not just a landmark, but one of the tallest building in the world. The 829.8-meter-long building can be seen from any part of the city and no trip is incomplete without it. The beauty of the city and views are hard to explain at the height of the 124th and 125th floor. The floor-to-ceiling view of the city is extremely marvelous and shouldn’t be missed. 

How to Unleash Maximum Fun? 

  • It’s better to visit Burj Khalifa in the morning when the crowd is less and you can enjoy every scene without any haste. 
  • To see the sunset, visit Burj Khalifa an hour before the sunset. 
  • Plan 1-2 hours visit. 


  • Dubai Fountain


Conclude your trip by watching an unforgettable Dubai fountain show that is present next to Burj Khalifa. For your information, it’s the world’s second-largest choreographed fountain system. The combination of lights, music, and water stuns every eye and you feel a part of a charismatic world. Water reaches 100-feet high and dances in amazing rhythms. Thirty minutes is the duration of every show that takes place after 6 PM. 

How to Unleash Maximum Fun? 

  • See the show after 8 PM as darkness adds beauty in it. 
  • Instead of watching a show from the top of Burj Khalifa, it’s better to see from the front line. 
  • 6 PM-11 PM is the timing of the show and it takes place after every 30-minutes. 

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