How to Pick the Perfect Black and White Rugs for Living Space

Black and White Rugs
Black and White Rugs
Black and white area rugs

When it comes to upgrading home interiors, homeowners frequently resort to luxury floor coverings. Considering them solely for aesthetic purposes, however, would be an understatement. That’s because it’s worth a lot more than you think, but only if you put usefulness ahead of aesthetics. And something that has a good mix of both has a great effect indoors. If you’re looking for something similar, let us guide you through some considerations before you go shopping for premiumĀ black and white rugs.

Determine the type of your room & choose the material according to them

When looking through a variety as large as luxurious modern rugs, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. There are various options to choose from. It isn’t easy to choose just one. While others may succumb to the appeal, you should select the material to make an impression. But first, figure out what kind of room you have.

If the rug is intended for a high-traffic living area or a child’s room, durable material such as wool will be able to withstand stains, wear, and tear. Only use silk or cotton in the bedroom to give it a nice feel without worrying about foot traffic. Bamboo silk comes in various patterns, including Damask, Eden Sunrise Grey, Marble Ice, and Vintage Royal Fine.

Choose the sizeable-sized luxury area rugs.

Choose a larger luxury modern rug to cover more space and attract the eye more immediately if you want to make the most successful in a room of your choice. Make sure to provide enough space between them for doorways and walkways.

Also, leave enough space between the rug and the walls to make the room appear larger. Similarly, when choosing a luxury floor covering for the dining room to go beneath the dining table, make sure it’s big enough to accommodate the table and the chairs.

Only use runners in weirdly shaped portions of your home.

It would be a depreciation to say that luxury rugs are only suitable for bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms. It’s worth a lot more than you think! It works well in irregularly shaped areas and small corridors and foyers, and in front of sofas.

Not only that, but it also contributes to the presentation of character through colors and textures, which would otherwise remain bare and uninviting to the occupants.


Whatever you do, don’t overlook solid construction because it’s the most important component in deciding the floor coverings longevity. Naturally, you do not want your favorite luxury contemporary carpets to only last a few years.

As a result, choosing hand-knotted ones with cotton as the foundation and wool and silk yarns covering them is the best option. Trust when they say that it’s a great material to use. When compared to a hand-loomed one, it is just unbeatable. If your budget doesn’t allow for hand-knotted luxury modern rugs, you can go for hand-tufted alternatives, which typically last 10 years or more.

Take out time for maintenance purposes.

Take proper care of your rug, whether it’s hand-knotted, machine-made, or hand-woven. Otherwise, it won’t last long, and your goal of infusing your interiors with modern hues, textures, and designs through floor coverings will be for naught. So, here are a few maintenance tips to ensure that your living spaces remain occupied for a long time.

Summing up

Turn black and white rugs frequently to prevent one side from fading due to sunlight exposure, pair them with underlay to avoid mishaps, and blot stains with cold water. These are only a few of the general guidelines to follow while dealing with rugs, including luxury and other designs.

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