NodeJS Web Development: Top 7 Popular Apps Built with NodeJS

NodeJS Web Development
NodeJS Web Development

With rapidly growing technology, NodeJS has evolved as an excellent choice for web development. Product owners worldwide praise this robust technology for its effective contribution to their previous and ongoing projects. If you are a beginner to NodeJS web development, you can still hire experienced NodeJS developers for an exciting web app using NodeJS.

Let’s explore further the seven popular companies that used NodeJS for building their apps.

Popular NodeJS Applications


The business-oriented social media platform, LinkedIn, was founded in 2002 in Mountain View, California. It enables users to make connections with any site user or other web users.

LinkedIn is available in 24 different languages and comprises more than 774 million members in over 200 countries and regions worldwide. It utilizes NodeJS to empower its mobile app’s server-side.

Outcome: On carrying out a comparison with the previous technology Ruby on Rails-based edition of LinkedIn, the new mobile app built with NodeJS is up to 20 times quicker. It also utilizes only a tiny fraction of resources, and servers were cut from a value of 30 to 3. The web development itself was incredibly fast.


Paypal is an advanced and most popular platform for online payments worldwide. This platform allows its community of users to transact with each other online in a quick and easy manner.

Paypal serves over 361 million active users worldwide. The company has been utilizing NodeJS to create its web applications’ consumer-facing side.

Outcome: The NodeJS version of Paypal was developed almost twice as fast with a lesser number of developers, in 33 percent lesser lines of code and 40 percent lesser files when compared with the previous JavaScript-based edition.


The American multinational technology company, Yahoo, focuses on and is recognized for its search engine, web portal, and additional services. Their browser shares 1.47 percent of the search engine market worldwide.

Outcome: NodeJS has entirely unified and changed the frontend development culture at Yahoo; it already powers thousands of websites and will soon power almost every component of Yahoo.

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The world’s greatest video streaming provider, including television series and movies worldwide, Netflix is available in over 190 countries. As of July 2021, Netflix has recorded over 207.64 million paid subscribers across the globe.

At Netflix, the entire user interface is developed with NodeJS. This comprehensive technology proved so efficient that Netflix wants to hire dedicated NodeJS developers and utilize it further in various stack layers.

Outcome: The development team at Netflix decided to utilize NodeJS to attain a modular, lightweight, and fast app. As a result, the launching time of their app built with NodeJS got reduced by 70 percent.


The non-profit company Mozilla is popular globally famous for its free, open-source search engine (Firefox) available for OS X, Windows, Android, Firefox OS, and Linux, in more than 90 languages. As of July 2021, Firefox has approx 3.45% of global usage as a browser, making it the third most popular web browser.

Mozilla utilizes NodeJS as a prime language in many of its web development projects. One such project is Mozilla Persona, an advanced, cross-platform sign-in technology.


The American online transportation network agency Uber offers its online services in over 85 countries. The app connects consumers with Uber drivers by using their cars as cabs under Uber’s franchise.

As soon as the ride ends, the entire fare is automatically billed to the consumer’s mobile device to pay through various methods like e-wallet, debit or credit card, etc. As one of the foremost companies that hire NodeJS developers and put NodeJS into the whole production structure, Uber has developed its enormous matching systems on this comprehensive technology.

Uber states that NodeJS has the following core strengths:

  • Processes a huge amount of data in a quick manner
  • Various programs can be cross-checked, and errors can be resolved on the fly – No need to restart, so the development team can publish and deploy the latest code in a consistent manner.
  • A large, active open-source community optimizes the technology in a continuous way, so it gets more efficient with time, practically on its own.


The publicly traded web hosting and internet domain registrar company GoDaddy has more than 21 million customers. This fact is enough to prove that it’s one of the largest registrars in the world.

In the past few years, GoDaddy has restructured its complete back-end to an entirely open-source NodeJS-based infrastructure.

Outcome: The Vice President of Engineering at GoDaddy, Antonio Silveira, stated that NodeJS had helped them use ten times fewer servers while hosting customer websites, reducing the Time to First Byte from 60ms to approx 12ms. He also said that Performance is the main differentiator when it comes to web apps, including an excellent position in results of Google.

Now, GoDaddy can manage the same load with only 10 percent of its hardware.

Wrapping Up

This list of companies is just a glance. Many other popular organizations use NodeJS in the back-end development of their primary apps. It’s efficient, it’s intuitive, it’s JavaScript, and it significantly enhances the development speed. If your aim is to achieve excellent results, you must consider NodeJS for your next web development project.