Know-How Top School In Jaipur Is Helping Their Students With Online Classes

top school in jaipur

Schools are the base of our educational system and if the base is not strong then one cannot establish a better future, so the top school in Jaipur is helping their students with online classes. The school has a fundamental role to play in the life of a person as we obtain our basic knowledge from the school. School not only helps one with an academic session but since childhood, it helps a child in socializing with the group of friends. One gets the opportunity to make oneself physically strong and mentally too. In school, a person gets involved in the multitudinous activities which assist in shaping the personality of a child. The VSI school in Jaipur helps the student in the all-round development of the student.

The VSI English medium school is the top school in Jaipur, which contributes to forming a bright future of the students. The members of the faculty are very helpful and friendly with the students, they observe the students and make the students realize their abilities giving them a direction towards the field they are interested in. The top school in Jaipur imparts the students with co-curricular facilities to set up the students for their fruitful future.

Admission Process

top school in jaipur

The top school in Jaipur has the facilities of classes from playgroup to XII standard. The admission process of any classes is the same but few things may differ from each class like for playgroup and nursery there is an age criteria for playgroup a child’s age has to be 2.6 yrs whereas for the nursery it is around and above 3yrs. The admission procedure of the top school in Jaipur exceedingly simple one has to get a form from the reception. The form contains all the important details regarding the submission of the documents. The registration fee has to be paid along with the forms and other documents.

Facilities Offered By The Top School In Jaipur

top school in jaipur

The VSI school in Jaipur provides numerous facilities to their students by acquiring these facilities one can benefit themselves in uncountable ways. Some of the facilities are as follows:-

  • Playground:- Playground is the most essential spot in the school for the students. This is the location where generally students decide their career if one is interested in games. Over here in the top school in Jaipur, one can get the facility of a huge playfield, and a chance to show the abilities.

  • Readers point:- Library plays a crucial role in the life of the students, by using the books in the library one can procure enormous knowledge.

  • Smart classrooms:- The top school in Jaipur is constructed in accordance with6 the modern technology so it will be helpful for the students in future

  • Computer class:- With the advancement in technology all work nowadays is done online through computers and laptops, so the basic knowledge of computers is very essential. One must know how to make use of it in their work and there are many more extra things to be learned on the computer.

  • Activity room:- The most loved place by the students, where they can9 bring out their inner self. Not all the students are equal each one has different thinking, likes and dislikes, matters of interest are different so the activity room is the place where every student can full their stream of interest like some can opt for acting in a p9lay whereas others can go for singing moreover some can even participate in dance.

  • Math chamber:- Mathematics is indeed a tough subject for the students, so keeping this point in mind the top school in Jaipur has designed this chamber. Here a child can learn maths with fun-filled activities, there are numerous mathematical instruments to ease the burden of math.

  • Safety of the student:- The school takes precautions for the safety of the students, as this is the era where usually children initiate towards wrong paths. So the school takes a specific measure to look after the security of the students.

  • Transportation:- The parent doesn’t have to worry regarding the transportation of their children as the school provides A.C busses with well-trained drivers and attendants. The school takes special care for the children of lower classes so the top school in Jaipur has arranged two extra caretakers on the bus.

Rewards and Awards in the Top School In Jaipur

The top school in Jaipur has received the Rajasthan Education Excellence Award in 2017. The school believes in holding countless activities for the students to check the ability of the student. The school considers the awards to be the most important part of the student life as it motivates the student to work more hard in their respective interest arena. Some of the awards are mentioned below:-

  1. All-round student

  2. Outstanding student

  3. 100% attendance award

  4. Highest scorer

  5. Marvelous monitor

Beyond this, there are some more activities held in the school each year, where the students are awarded based on their talent.

Fee system

  • The fee for each month should be paid on the 15th of the respective month.

  • If the payment of fee is made late then one has to pay Rs 10 per day.

  • After the fee is paid it cannot be refunded in any circumstances.

  • The school has the full right to cancel the admission of the student if the fee is not paid.

  • If the cheque paid by the parents bounces then its the responsibility of the parents to face the bank charges and penalty.

Address of the Top School In Jaipur

The location of the top school in Jaipur is extremely accessible and anyone can reach here by any means of transport, the address is Vsi International School, Sec, 5 Pratap Nagar, Tonk Road Sanganer, Jaipur (Raj) 302033.

Make a contact

For any kind of information, one can mail the school and the email id is One can also dial the number 9309305656 and 0141-2793080 for an appointment or any sort of guidance.

The top school in Jaipur helps in the growth of the child in multitudinous ways, above all the school has gathered one of the best faculty teams for the students. So with all these capabilities of the school, it is considered to be one of the top schools in Jaipur.