Interesting Facts About Custom Magazine Printing

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Custom Magazine PrintingLast week I was given the project of getting our newsletter printed by the company that was already dealing with our custom magazine printing. Our company has the policy of rotating the internees after every four months in various departments. On my first day in the marketing department, the manager handling this task got hurt in an accident. Luckily, he did not get hurt much but did get his arm broken. The doctors kept him hospitalized for two weeks. The project of new letter printing suddenly became my responsibility. I have forwarded the contact details of the company handling our custom stationery printing. But I rejected it straight away because I knew that printing stationery is very different from custom magazine printing. I knew this because I had assisted my Chancellor at the university in getting our university magazine printed. I knew we could not risk hiring the custom stationery printing company’s services.

Instead, I narrowed down my selection to the company managing our annual custom magazine printing. Honestly, I loved how this printing expert company had streamlined their procedure using the internet. There was nothing I could not find on their website. Even the paperweight chart was uploaded on their website with elaborate details for a better understanding. Initially, I thought, I might have to visit them regularly for a week or so. But this did not happen. I never had to take out time from my busy schedule to visit the printing company. All the details for printing of custom stationery boxes were provided online with multiple selection options. I was assigned an account manager against my order who was available around the clock to trace the order progress. Moreover, if there was any word or jargon that I did not understand, I was encouraged to enquire about it right away.

After filling out the forms and receiving the magazine printing instant quote, Alice, my account manager, gave me a lot of information about custom magazine printing. As I discussed how easy it was for us to print a magazine today and how difficult it must have been in the old days, she stopped me mid-sentence. What she said was surprising for me. “Did you know that there were more than one hundred printed magazines in America by the end of the eighteenth century?” No! I replied. How can that be? I thought that magazine must be a recent development. Alice further told me that it was Mexico and not Germany or Russia that developed the first working printing press in the year 1534. Today in America alone, there are more than seven thousand magazines that are being published to cater to the needs of different target markets.

Everyone at my office loved the custom magazine printing of the newsletter. I took one home and showed it to my parents when I visited them on the weekend. Dad was so proud of me. By chance, my brother was also there. He and his wife run an online business of jewelry items. He asked me if knew the whereabouts of a company providing product label printing near me. I did not, but I gave him the reference of the company that I had gotten my company newsletter printed. He called me a week later that had given him the best rates and even delivered the order themselves free of cost. I knew that my brother does not get impressed easily and was sure that they must provide excellent services to win his heart.

I told him of my smooth experience with the company and we both agreed that this printing firm was by far the best in our state. As we were about to hang up, I asked if he knew that black ink was one of the most expensive liquids used on the planet? “What?”, he exclaimed in disbelief.  I told him that it was more expensive than the fuel of space shuttles and promised him to talk more about when we meet next.