All You Need to Know About Importing a Vehicle

Importing a Vehicle

An imported vehicle adds up glamour to your life and upgrades your status. But, you can’t roam around on the roads driving the vehicle without registering it. You should register your car that you brought to your country permanently from another country.

The obstacle you can face while registering if you miss doing certain things:

  • You need to pay VAT and duty following the advice of HMRC.
  • Avail the proof of the approval of the vehicle.
  • Inform the HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs) that you have imported a vehicle.
  • Receive the confirmation that the NOVA application is dealt with.
  • Tax the imported vehicle while registering it with the DVLA. You have to pay a fee of £55 for the purpose.

From the DVLA, you can order a vehicle import pack to avail of the required forms. If your car possesses a certificate of being brand new and if it comes directly from the dealer fulfilling all the specified DVLA conditions, you can select a new vehicle import pack.

Importing a Vehicle

The conditions are:

  • The vehicle is not permanently registered in any other country before.
  • It is very first time a retailer has sold the car.
  • The vehicle has the minimum reasonable mileage required for the delivery.
  • The vehicle belongs to a current model, or, the model that is discontinued in the past couple of years. You can opt for a used vehicle import pack for other motor vehicles.

For registering your vehicle:

You have to follow the instructions and fill in the forms. You have to be ready for sending the supporting documents. You have to be prepared as the DVLA can approach to inspect your vehicle.

Importing a Vehicle

The supporting documents for the imported automobiles:

  • The vehicle approval proof
  • Proof that shows the date the car was picked up
  • Invoice released by the supplier
  • Form V267 or the declaration of the newness in case of registering a new motor vehicle
  • The original foreign registration certificate for displaying the manufacturing period of the vehicle

If you don’t possess the original certificate, you can present other proof of the vehicle’s manufacture date like a specific letter from the vehicle enthusiast club or the manufacturer. You are not allowed to present any faxed copies or photocopies.

The V5C registration certificate takes up to six weeks to arrive. You must have the V5C for getting the number plate prepared.

Importing a Vehicle

About the concession for the imported vehicles to show the number plates:

Owing to the concerns regarding the expenditure of the modifying vehicles meant for the foreign markets, and, unfit with the number plates of the UK size, the government issued concession for allowing the imported vehicles to exhibit motorcycle size registration number plates.

These particular automobiles are permitted to show number plates containing smaller characters irrespective of the vehicle not possessing European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval.

You are allowed to make use of the vehicle containing foreign number plates without registration or taxation in the UK.

The following conditions must be applied:

  • You are only visiting and has no intention to live in the visiting country
  • Your car is taxed and registered properly in the home country
  • You are intended to use the specific vehicle for up to six months. The visit can be single or multiple in the span of twelve months.
  • In case, you become an inhabitant or live for more than six months, you should register and tax the vehicle in the UK.

Pay attention to the following steps to import a means of transport:

  • Bringing the vehicle from within the boundary of the EU
  • You don’t need to pay duty or VAT in case you fetch the vehicle from within the EU.
  • You can take help of imports and exports helpline and solve the queries about bringing a motorized vehicle.

If you are making use of the foreign number plates for more than six months, the following conditions are taken into consideration:

  • You have visited the UK for a specific period as a worker or a student.
  • You usually stay outside the EU.
  • You demand relief from duty and VAT.

The HMRC provides a customs relief form. You have to show it to the police in case any questions arise. If you are not qualified for the relief, take help of the CITEX (Customs, International Trade, and Excise) team.You have to show the police that you are eligible to use that particular vehicle in the UK without registering or taxing it like ferry ticket, customs relief form, etc.