How to use Gap Discount Code?

Gap Discount Code

It is pretty easy to find Gap discount code. You can get a good number of deals at the online retail store or through the mobile app. You can also explore coupon websites like to get some great deals and offers. If you are not sure of how to use your Gap discount code when you have found one, this blog post will take you through the step by step process of using the code on your shopping.

Step One

Browse through the site to get the items you need. Add them to your shopping cart by click the button with ‘Add to Cart’ beneath the product. When you have added all you need, confirm the items and adjust the quantity based on what you need. Continue to click ‘Checkout’.

Step Two

For returning customers, this is the point you have to sign into your account on the site. Use your login details to sign in. As soon as you sign in, your shipping address will automatically be filled into the checkout form. If you are new on the site, click the ‘+” icon.

This icon is right beside ‘Guest & New Customer’. To register an account, fill in your accurate email address and click ‘Continue’. This will navigate you to another page where you will be required to provide your shipping address. Fill out the correct shipping address and select your preferred delivery option. Click ‘Continue’ after providing this information.

Step Three

From the above point, you will be directed to the next page. This page is the Payment & Promotion section. You should review your details again to be sure that everything is accurate. Any mistake can lead to the cancellation of your order or delay in delivery.

So, it is critical that you check the details and confirm it. If everything is perfect, scroll to the bottom part of this section. You will see the promo box with ‘Promotion & Rewards’. This is where you will paste the Gap Discount Code. After pasting your code, click ‘Apply’. This will automatically subtract the value of the discount code from your total cart value and you will be left with the balance value.

Step Four

Click ‘Continue’ to proceed to make payment for your remaining value. Provide your financial details to make your payment. When making payment on this site, you don’t have to worry about the security of your financial details. The site uses SSL encryption that protects your information from theft or third party access. 

What if my Gap Discount Code is not applied?

There are three major reasons why your discount code may not apply on the site. First, if the code has expired, it will not be valid. Before you pick a Gap discount code, check its validity. If it has expired, there is no point picking it for use. It will not be accepted by the system. Second, if you copy the code wrongly, it won’t work. A discount code is made up of sequence of numbers and alphabets. For it to remain valid, every number and alphabet must be used.

In case you leave an item behind while copying the code, it will be invalid. This is why it is important that you bookmark the page where you have found the code so that you can always refer to it in case you run into a hitch when using it. Lastly, you won’t be able to use a code that is designed for something else. If a Gap discount code is for a specific brand of clothing, you can’t use it for another brand.