How To Use Bentonite Clay For Relief Of Digestive Issues

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite ClayBentonite Clay

If you want to know how to use Bentonite Clay to improve your health, then read this article. In this short article, I’m going to give you some Bentonite Clay benefits. Bentonite is a super-absorbent of heavy metals like lead and copper. It is also a powerful antioxidant that can help to eliminate toxins in your body, and it has amazing anti-aging properties too. You might be surprised by the benefits I’m about to list for Bentonite Clay.

Bentonite Clay

Components of Bentonite Clay

One of the main components of bentonite clay that makes it so powerful is a mineral called montmorillonite. This mineral is abundant in various types of rocks and is known for being able to absorb heavy metals and toxins. The main component of montmorillonite clay that makes it so effective is bentonite clay. Montmorillonite is found in a variety of places around the world including; Brazil, Egypt, the USA, Mexico, and others.

When you learn how to use bentonite clay for health benefits, you will be able to use pure bentonite clay for detoxification of your system. If you want to get rid of toxins, it is important to cleanse your internal organs to remove harmful chemicals and free radicals from your body. Bentonite clays are highly absorbent, and they can help to do this very effectively. They can even work as an internal antiseptic and natural antibiotic too. The benefits of pure bentonite clay can be better understood when we look at its ability to detoxify our bodies.

When you mix pure bentonite clay with kaolin clay, you will create a positively charged clay bar. These two ingredients can work together to remove toxins and impurities in your body very effectively. Kaolin is able to pull positively charged particles out of the cells, while the bentonite clay works by trapping these particles inside itself.

Digestive Problems

There are several reasons why you may have digestive problems. You may have excess toxins in your body because you are constantly eating foods that are high in fat content. Some of these foods can also contain plenty of magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, and potassium. When your digestive system works less efficiently, you may experience a loss of energy. You may also feel bloated and nauseous, especially after eating large amounts of food. These are all symptoms of poor digestion and using bentonite clay for health benefits can be extremely helpful.

To begin healing your digestive system, you can begin by taking a small amount of kaolin clay and bentonite clay powder. You will then combine these two ingredients together in a small amount of water. You will then hold this solution in your mouth and bite down on it. This mixture will force the liquid to move down your esophagus, and out of your stomach as well as into your small intestines. Once you do this, you should notice that the discomfort in your abdomen should start to subside.

The Volcanic Ash

The volcanic ash that you will be using is also helpful for your skin. This volcanic ash contains many types of beneficial minerals for your body including calcium, iron, zinc, manganese, and magnesium. Many people use bentonite clay to help their skin retain these important minerals. They do so by coating the skin with its sticky, fine volcanic ash particles.

To use this mixture for healing digestive issues, you will need to mix bentonite clay with a small amount of warm water. You will then add this powder to a glass of purified water. Mix them thoroughly and drink the solution. It is best to drink the solution several times daily and the effects should begin to occur within a few weeks.