How to Fix a Leaking Bathroom Tap?

Fix a Leaking Bathroom Tap

Drips from leaking bathroom taps aren’t only bothersome but also flushes down your hard-earned money. Irrespective of how small the problem appears; you must not keep leaking faucets unattended and ignored. Leaky bathroom faucets can turn into a full-blown nuisance if you fail to address the root cause on time. But you are in luck, since fixing a leaky faucet isn’t only inexpensive but also simple.

Fix a Leaking Bathroom Tap

The process turns rather simpler when you hire the service of a commercial Plumbing Services company. But if at all, you are planning to do it yourself. Here are a few tested and tried methods to ace it like a pro.

Fixing Leaky Bathroom Faucets and How?

Gather All the Replacement Parts Before Starting Your Repair

 The washers for taps are available in different standard sizes. But several modern faucets come without washers and might include a completely different seal.

Switch off the Water Supply

You might come across an isolation valve present on the pipe that is just beneath the tap that you need to repair. You have to use a screwdriver to turn the valve. To ensure the water isn’t coming out before you begin dismantling it, turn on the tap.

Tips to Fix Leaky Bathroom Faucets

Start by Removing the Tap Handle and Cover

To begin with remove both the handle and cover from your faucet and thereafter follow this step with unscrewing the headgear nut to get rid of the tap body from the fitting. If the nut is visible when you are using it, you can cover it with the help of cloth to safeguard it from scratches.

Remove the Old Washer Present on the Pin

Once you have successfully removed the tap body, you can easily get rid of the old washer from the pin present on the bottom. You can pull it off using a small nut, screw, or with the help of pliers. You should be able to witness the damage on the washer that is resulting in the drip. If you notice that nothing is wrong with the washer, then the problem might be with the valve seat present inside the fitting.

While you can always repair it at home, but it would be recommended to always count on a plumbing company for the job.

Install the New Washer

To get the washer over the pin, the fitting might be tight. In case of tight-fitting, grab some petroleum jelly and use the plier sider to push it down.

Change the Tap Headgear

Now you are ready to change the tap headgear while putting extra care to securely hold the tap during nut tightening. Turn on the water supply and see if the tap is working fine.

The Easiest Hacks to Fix Leaky Taps

1. Switch Off the Water Supply

The moment you encounter dripping faucets, it’s time to turn off the water faucet immediately. This can stop your water bill from skyrocketing, thanks to the continuous water dripping and it is also the first level for all types of tap repair.

2. Handling the Water Supply Valves

The water supply valves are directly situated beneath the sink. You will encounter a couple of knobs; while one of the knobs is attached to the supply line for cold water, the other knob is attached to the supply line for hot water. To prevent the water from flowing through the taps, you have to turn a couple of valves in a clockwise direction. Turn off the cold-water supply lie, if your tap has individual hot and cold faucets.

3. Take the Taps Apart

The mechanisms present inside the tap’s handle stop the water pressure from coming to the supply lines. Even the most insignificant wear and tear inside the tap can result in the water seeping through and thereafter you will notice a drip. Which part of the tap you wish to replace depends upon its style.

4. Resolving Dripping Bathroom Faucets

You can come across a revolving ball below the faucet handle, and in that case, you would need help from an exclusive tool to get the faucet cam and the swivelling ball removed. Broken gasket replacement involves sheer delicacy and might need help from a commercial plumbing expert. If you come across a textured vertical line stem, be assured that you own a compression tap. The compression tap is mostly present on the older sink. Use a wrench to whirl the stem anticlockwise, until you have removed it.

Fixing Dripping Faucets in the Bathroom Like A Pro

  • Before you attempt to dismantle the faucet, jam the sinkhole with the plug so you don’t end up losing small parts.
  • Always take the help of a soft cloth to safeguard the finish, given how chrome tap scratches are common from screwdrivers and spanners.
  • Avoid over-tightening the valve or even the washer when you are reassembling, as this can end up causing damage to the joint.

Keeping Yourself Safe

  • Through the process of fixing leaky bathroom taps, make sure to keep your safety goggles on as a mandatory precautionary measure.
  • Be wary of the edges, as they might be sharp.

When you have a clear idea of how your faucet hardware is manufactured, you would understand how to classify them. Fixing leaky bathroom taps includes effort, time, and precision and it is essential to keep all our faucet replacement and repair tools ready before you start it. Or you can also take help from a plumbing company to do the job.

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