How To Find A Job In The Australian Capital Territory?

How To Find a Job in The Australian Capital Territory?

Australian Capital Territory

If we talk about GP jobs in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), the first name that strikes your mind is Canberra, Australia’s capital city. When searching for permanent GP jobs in the Australian Capital Territory, it’s better to know the job specifications and requirements. Many recruitment agencies help candidates get a job in the area after going through their profiles thoroughly.

If you are an ex-pat, it may be difficult to find a job in Canberra, but certainly not impossible. Here, the unemployment rate may be low but you have to adhere to rules and regulations, alongside dealing with different challenges. The first and foremost thing that you should know is that you should be a permanent resident unless you are seeking a job on a temporary visa basis.

Let us first talk about the state sponsorship in Canberra. Take note that the Federal Government is the largest employer in Canberra, and if everything goes well at your end, you may be lucky to get an occupation stated on the State Migration Plan Occupations list to get state sponsorship. Take into account that state sponsorship may not guarantee you a locum of GP job, but you can compete with native Australians to get a job based on current vacancies. You can also connect with the medical recruitment agencies like MedFuture to help you find locum GP jobs in the Australian Capital Territory.

Also, you should check if the state is willing to sponsor you so that you may have it easy to get the visa that you’ll need to apply for different jobs in Australia.

Applying for Security Clearance

Many Federal Government jobs have a prerequisite for job applicants to go through security clearance, in case only Australian citizens are awarded this clearance. However, you should know that such security clearance can be waived by a government agency or government department under the circumstances if your occupation is highly regarded and they find no suitable Australian citizen to fill that position. With that said, you must get the perspective right.

Now, coming on to the permanent resident point. On becoming a permanent resident in Australia, you will be required to apply to pass the Citizenship test to become a full Australian citizen. Being a permanent resident does not make you a citizen in Australia. That’s why many ex-pat sites offering job opportunities do not mention requirements in detail about getting a job in Canberra. That being said, you should be determined enough to get permanent GP jobs in the Australian Capital Territory.

Moving on to the private sector that makes up for around half of the jobs advertised in the area.

Sometimes, private sector companies fail to fill vacancies for GP and locum jobs. You can contact those companies to know about the open vacancies. However, you can still try with government agencies, but you may turn lucky with private sector companies. You can check with them if they consider employing a permanent resident. This will make your job easier to get locum GP jobs in the ACT.

If you’re trying to find GP jobs in the Australian Capital Territory, the MedFuture recruitment team can help. They are a leading healthcare recruitment agency, providing GP and locum jobs in and around Australia.