How Online Press Release Can Improve SEO by Following Simple Strategies

online press release

Modern-day companies and businesses are utilizing the perks of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to gain more exposure over the internet and offline as well. Considering the paramount of importance online press release, marketers and business owners are including them in their marketing plans. It is a full-proved strategy that sticks to its efficiency on a long-term basis. PR helps to amplify online visibility by leveraging company news to generate enough buzz among the target audience. It also helps to boost brand or product awareness positively and removes all the potential damage made by negative comments. It can be helpful only it’s done in the right way.

Online Press Release Can Improve SEO

The ‘right way’ is referred to the strategies that don’t work anymore instead spam press releases with irrelevant links that do not matter. To reduce PR backlink abuse in the future, Google came up with a nofollow policy in 2013. With this policy’s help, optimized links could show some impact on the business website’s performance. As a result, improved performance could be seen on the Search Engine Page Results (SERPs). In 2020, optimized links can be distributed on popular newswire and media platforms. However, there are chances of getting ignored by Google bots.

Does it mean you should avoid the tactic of PR SEO? Absolutely not! The optimized links can be utilized to draw more web traffic to your business website to generate more sales and shares. It solely depends on the process of how you execute press release optimization. It can sound a little confusing if you think of it altogether. Let’s take a better look at it to have a better understanding.

How to write an effective PR and publish it

A press release is a news-worthy content that helps create a better bonding between customers and business owners by letting them know what’s going inside. It increases creditability and customer loyalty which helps in the growth of the business. Churning out the perfect keyword and incorporating it can help to appear at the top SERP and reach more target audiences. Let’s start with the basics –

  • News-worthy Angle – News stories have the potential to attract the eyes of all kinds of readers, including target audiences and journalists. Highlighting the important parts and stating what’s happening in the business is enough and adequate to garner attention. It has to be precise, crispy, and attractive enough to lure potential customers.
  • Understand your audience and niche industry – No matter which industry you belong to, it is important to understand your audience and industry. With a better understanding of it, you will be able to find the exact keywords that the target audiences search with. As a result, the content will pop up with every successful search result.
  • Write accordingly – Here are some pro tips that can make your content better
  • A catchy headline that makes sure everyone will read it
  • Utilize 5 Ws and 1 H – Who, where, when, what, why, and how
  • The body should brief (within 500 words) and language should be simple
  • Describe your company at the end with a boilerplate
  • Reach out to journalists and distribution channels – Try to approach the right journalists via email who understands your brand or industry. It helps the process of distribution. It can be published via distribution channels as well but all the channels are made equally. Go through the top-tier newswire can be very effective but you have to consider investing there.

How to optimize a PR for SEO

Now that you are aware of how to write an attractive press release, now it is time to make it SEO-friendly. It can be done by using a one-time SEO tool or any other optimization tactics.

  • Make it Shareable – An attractive PR can generate enough shares as the potential customers would like to share the news with their known ones. So it is necessary to add sharable options.
  • Headline Format – Headlines are supposed to be within 70 characters with proper keywords. Search engine goes through headlines and that is where you utilize SEO.
  • Natural links – Adding hyperlinks can be handy but should make it look natural like a flow of a sentence. Clustered with too many links can make the content look clumsy.
  • Leverage longtail Keywords – There are two types of keywords considering the search engine relevance, such as short-tail and long-tail. Short tail keywords, for example – ‘Healthy Food’ cover a larger area as it is very common. Long-tail keywords, for example – ‘where to find healthy food in Arizona’, are more precise. So answering LT keywords through your PR can make optimization more accurate.

Press Release Marketing

PR optimization can improve the ranking on SERP. With proper knowledge, tools, and techniques, you can gain a wider range of audiences and greater conversions for the growth of your business. SEO PR service along with email marketing and link building can provide excellent results.