How Much Does It Cost to Start an Online Clothing Wholesale Business?

How Much Does It Cost to Start an Online Clothing Wholesale Business

How Much Does It Cost to Start an Online Clothing Wholesale BusinessMany businesses are entering the digital world because of the pandemic and its impact. Clothing companies are also looking for opportunities in the online clothing wholesale market. If you are a wholesale clothing business, you must take your business online.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the costs, issues, and opportunities for starting an online wholesale clothing business.

Online Clothing Set Up Cost

You need an effective website to start your online Wholesale Business. However, the cost of making a website varies. Here’s how much it will generally cost.

Website Development                  $110 – $500

Shopping Cart                                   $30- $135/monthly

Hosting                                                 $50 – $200/yearly

Website Maintenance                  $500/yearly

Some other expenses include:

  • Human Resources
  • Product Expenditure
  • Stock
  • Logistics
  • Marketing & Planning
  • Taxes & Fees

Every business spends differently on these activities. You can make a budget to control these expenses.

Difference Between Online and Physical Clothing Shops

Audience Engagement

Though both markets target the same audience, their involvement is different. Studies show that Y and Z generations are comparatively more active online.

During the pandemic, online clothing stores gained more popularity but people still like to try on clothes before deciding. This desire surely affects the audience’s overall interest in online clothing purchases.

Comfort & Convenience Level

The comfort and convenience levels are higher for online shoppers. Many online clothing brands know that convenience is their strength. Hence, unlike physical stores, they offer a lenient return policy to their customers.

Distinct Marketing Strategies

Both mediums use various marketing techniques to target their audiences. Online clothing retailers use promotional coupons and physical stores typically prefer flyers to target their audiences.

Internet retailers do not offer modifications to apparel. As for physical stores, they use modification options as a selling tactic.

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Online Clothing Business Issues

Unfortunately, the online clothing store is not peachy keen. There are many challenges you will face in an online market.


The digital market is very competitive and already has thousands of online clothing businesses. These brands, no matter both big and small, offer all kinds of clothes to their customers.  They sell clothes to all types of demographics.

 Only by using good fabric, stitching patterns, and quality threads with unique color combinations can one stand out from the competition.


Creating a website and launching an online shop is not enough to draw the interest of the audience. Your website and products should be unique, efficient, and good.

It’s a daunting challenge to attract viewers without an efficient website. Clothing retailers often use online sites to advertise their companies and attract traffic.

Alteration and Return Policy

As a clothing business, offering alteration services is mandatory to please your customers. Almost every clothing business offers these services. However, as an online clothing business, providing this service is not possible. This influences all online clothing businesses. To compensate it, these businesses offer a lenient return policy to their customers.

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Opportunities in Online Wholesale Clothing Market

The online wholesale apparel market is offering amazing business opportunities to the clothing sector.

  •  An online store will connect you directly with customers all over the world, unlike a physical store where only locals can visit your shop.
  • Your online business is 24/7.  It will create money for you, even when you’re asleep or away.
  • Online businesses offer higher margins and better cash flow.
  • By registering your business in an online Wholesale Marketplace, you can use its platform to generate revenue.  A good online wholesale marketplace increases the chances of sales.

Offering Wholesale Barriers To Entry

Conveying your own stock has different points of interest also. Since you need to tie down merchants to source your products and you need to buy in mass, the obstructions to section are a lot higher than outsourcing.

Since you are in charge of your transportation and marking, it’s a lot harder to duplicate your online store thought.

Not exclusively would a contender need to duplicate your site yet they would likewise need to discover your merchants (a lot harder since you are dispatching items yourself) and shell out more cash forthright.

I’m not saying that it is difficult to duplicate your business thought, however all in all it’s significantly less probably because of the expanded forthright danger included.


It is not possible to predict the exact capital for an online wholesale clothing business as it all depends on the scale. However, we hope this article can help you can get an idea about the expenditures. Good luck and stay safe.