How Does Call Centre Agents Make Money?

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Call Centerhe objective of any call centre is basically to connect a customer with an agent, based on the worthiness of the call. This points out that there are two modes of operation at a call centre: inbound and outbound. The process can generally be called “cold calling”.

A call centre representative is one who works with a customer service agent. However, in most cases the agent is not the one who performs these functions. A person with this type of title can work in several different capacities in most call centres across the country. It can be the president of the call centre, or a receptionist who is the head of a department in a call centre. In this article we will discuss the responsibilities of a call centre representative.

The first responsibility of a call centre representative is to answer the phone. This is the important first step before any other work can begin. In most call centres, it is the duty of the agent to ensure that the customer gets alive, exclusive, and timely answer to their call. This ensures that the customer receives a high level of service. After all, they are the customers and must receive only the best from the company they have decided to do business with.

Most call centre representatives work out of a small office that is off-site from the main call centre in the city. The location is selected depending on the needs of the particular client. For example, in some call centres the call centre representative works entirely out of the computer systems and can spend the majority of his/her time in the computer terminal.

An agent can work in an independent call centre or be employed by a larger agency. They are most often younger (between twenty and thirty years old) and hold a master’s degree in business or in communications. They must possess excellent interpersonal skills, as well as being skilled in using computer software programs such as Microsoft Office products. Although the average salary of a call centre agent is between forty and fifty thousand pounds per annum, there are some agencies which pay more.

If an agent has been employed by a call centre representative previously, they may be able to demand higher wage increases. In addition, they are likely to receive a bonus and be entitled to a health insurance plan. These benefits are usually offered to long-term employees. However, an individual who has just joined a call centre may not be eligible for this type of plan. Some companies have introduced a limited loyalty scheme, which provides employees with a choice of three months free travel and accommodation when they reach three years of service with the company.

Once you have been employed as a call centre representative, you are hired solely for your performance alone. If there are problems, they are referred to your supervisor. There is no requirement for an agent to speak first before any decisions are made. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your working environment, you are free to quit at any point. As part of the role, agents are expected to maintain a clean office and appropriate working atmosphere. Smoking, drinking alcohol and food in the work areas are strictly prohibited.

A call centre representative’s salary is set by the employer. They are paid an hourly wage, but can also be paid a commission. Some companies pay on a performance-based scale and some base salaries on the experience of the representative. In most cases, the commission is a percentage of the salary amount. To be qualified as a call centre representative, you must have a high school diploma or a GED and pass an exam conducted by the Canadian Commission for Quality Assurance (CCQA).

The salary of a call centre executive may vary according to the experience of the individual in the job. With experience, you will earn more. For instance, the commission rises with the number of years you have worked with the company. Call centre executives who have served two or more years are usually in high demand and get the highest pay.

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