Guidelines to Get Out of Trouble During an Emergency

Get Out of Trouble

Safety is a very important factor in a person’s life. No matter where you travel, your journey should be safe and secure. We recognize the importance of safety and hence we are here to help all of you. What if we tell you, you need to follow a few things to get complete protection during all kinds of emergencies? Well, we are not lying. Several incidents put us in trouble and getting out of it is a huge task. Technology will be helping us in safeguarding our lives. Follow these guidelines below and you can get out of trouble during an emergency.

Get Out of Trouble

Use your surroundings

This is maybe the best way to stay safe. Since infancy, we are preparing ourselves to stay safe and alert in new surroundings. Possibly we need to learn to use the surroundings efficiently for our safety. If we are traveling to a new place we must stay alert about the area and the people. Anyone alert to their surroundings can smoothly tackle any situation and come out of trouble. If you want to evade trouble you must learn to find out solutions immediately. If you are a woman in trouble, you must learn to know the surroundings properly. Keeping a track of equipment such as fire extinguishers, Emergency areas, Fire hydrant, nearest police station and open spaces to run will be of help.

All the said items are useful in providing safety during an emergency.

Stay safe when you travel around

We identify that many people need to travel daily. Their main worry is always safety. This app provides us safety as we can make an audio call to all of your contacts during any kind of emergency and make a video call to 5 of our most trusted contacts. 911 responds promptly and locates us with the help of GPS. We can also make safety videos and update people about the locations. This video recording app will work enthusiastically to offer safety to all the users. If there is a relentless traveller then it is a must to have this app on the phone.

Use the technology to stay safe

As we have arrived in the 21st-century technology is surpassing almost everything. As we are moving forward we need to stay updated with all the latest technology. As safety is the most important factor for us why don’t we use technology to stay safe? There are several ways to use the technology for our safety. A useful way to stay safe is by using your mobile phone, there are many apps, but one app will help you stay safe. SafetyScope is one such app that will allow you to record videos during any emergency. You can easily make an audio call to any of your contacts. A helpful feature of the app is that it will directly call 911 that will send you instant help.

Stay alert and notice suspicious activity 

No matter where you are traveling or what you are up to. You need to be aware of the surroundings. You need to observe all the activities happening around you. If you find any suspicious activity then instantly inform the authorities. If you fail to find the authorities then make use of the technology. Your cell phone can save you during an emergency. You can use the SafetyScope app and stay safe during an emergency.

Think before you act

Usually, people panic during an emergency or such situation. When you are panicking, almost every decision you make goes wrong due to a lack of clarity. You start working on the very first idea that comes to your mind. However such situations quick action is required for sure, make sure it does not have catastrophic results. To stay safe from all kinds of incidents we suggest thinking patiently before taking any steps further. Take deep breathes and think more than once about your plan. Stay in touch with your family or friends to ask for help.

Hidden video recording

This is one more feature that can help you record the video of any incident. Once you start to record the incident it will be shared with your most trusted contacts. Also, the default contact saved in the app is 911. As you start your video call it will be automatically connected to 911. Stealth Mode is an additional feature that lets you hide the video recording and no one around you knows about it. This is a great way for women to discreetly record any incident that is worrying for them. Numerous people file a police complaint but due to lack of evidence cannot prove the crime. This app will help people in recording the evidence.