Google Explains How Author Pages May Help

Google Explains How Author Pages May Help


Website owners are trying to find out whether the author pages are a rank factor in Google SERPs or not. They want to know whether the author pages are useful and can increase the value of content. Web developers want to know if the author pages are useful in determining the rank of content. Most website owners in today’s times are trying to find out whether they should spend time creating author pages or not. If you are also not sure about creating author pages for your website and want to know about the importance of creating author pages, then you must continue reading.  For a detailed explanation, contact an SEO company.

Google’s John Mueller says that author pages hold importance at a few places. He said that on a few types of the content author pages play an essential role, and they grab the audience’s attention. Here are the few examples of content in which adding author pages becomes a necessity.  

News sites

A few people firmly believe that author pages play an essential role in determining the rank. News sites publish several news articles a day. But the audience trusts the author more as compared to the site. When the audience gets to know that particular news is written by a famous author, they start believing that news site. Author pages may help website owners in building trust with the audience and getting traffic or visibility in return, but you need to know that author pages are not a ranking factor. Google has never declared that it will use author pages to determine the rank of a particular website. 

Importance of Author pages

John Mueller was asked several times by website owners about whether they should add author pages to their websites or not. To these queries, Mueller replied it’s up to you whether you want to have an author page on your website or not. If you’re going to promote the author and make him famous, then writing about the author is a good idea. But if you don’t want to make the author accessible, then you shouldn’t create an author page. But you should also know that if the content of your website is written by a well-known author and you have produced an author page for that author, then the audience will find your content more attractive. Because of the popularity of that author, the audience would like to read your content and will spend more time reading your blog post. At a few places or on few materials adding author pages might become a necessity. But author pages are not a ranking factor. It can’t override a relevant and engaging content. If your website has well-written content and you follow all the SEO tactics, then your site will get a good rank in the search engine even if your website doesn’t contain any author pages. 

Providing information about the author at the end of each content or blog post is always a good idea, and it helps website owners draw the attention of the audience over their page. It also helps them make the visitor stay at their website for a long time. But there’s no importance of author pages in the ranking by Google. Google decided the relevancy and uniqueness of content based on other ranking factors such as page experience, engaging content, technical SEO, user experience, etc. 

You shouldn’t worry about adding author pages on your website because it’s not a ranking factor. However, you can add the author’s pages in your content if you want to. 

Adding author pages in your blog will help you in attracting the audience.

Importance of author bios 

According to Muller author bios are also not a ranking factor, but quality raters look for author bios in any article. Author bios also help website owners in building trust with the audience. Everybody likes to read the content of famous and expert authors. If the content of your website is also written by a renowned author, then you must mention the name of the author and write a few lines about him. Providing an author bio is also a good idea. The site visitors who visit your website will recommend your blog to others, and the visibility of your site will increase. But you must also know that author bio is not a ranking factor and you must not worry about whether you should add author bio on your website or not. Author bios mean a lot to the audience SEO experts and web developers should try to provide author bios on their website. 


To say whether adding author pages is a good idea or not is a little tricky because they are not precisely a ranking factor, but they have several benefits. Author pages build trust between the audience and the website owners. And when the audience trusts a website, they will visit that website more often. The visitors will also recommend others to visit that website, and the visibility of the site will increase.