Fixed DNS Server Not Responding Problem

Fixed DNS Server Not Responding Problem
Fixed DNS Server Not Responding Problem
Fixed DNS Server Not Responding Problem

A DNS server is a server where resources or computers connected to the Internet or virtual station are provided with a fixed IP address. DNS servers place those IPs in their servers and thus give us a specific name for that domain so that the name is easy to remember. The IP address will be in the format as a numerical file format but the domain name will be renamed which is easy for jetson strike hoverboard.

Now, point through the article why I wrote this. Recently I was surfing the internet on my PC and suddenly the DNS server displayed an error message saying that my entire PC internet has fluctuated, the internet has stopped working and now all this it was rubbish. Below is the image problem I encountered on my computer.

DNS server problem

  • How to solve the DNS server not responding to the problem.
  • There are several steps to a solution which is very important to solve this problem.
  • You can easily repair and refresh the router and restart it.
  • Contact your ISP provider to resolve your DNS.
  • Changing the port may provide some solutions.


Not all of these methods worked for me, so I tried different ideas, which changed the domain name server that I get from ISP to Google. Google has its own DNS server name, which is given to the public for use. This is a public IP so your information may be leaked using this DNS but there is also a solution. Mozilla Firefox browser has a lot of ability to encrypt the data if we use it it will help us to encrypt the data, using this domain name server will not leak our personal information. Below are the steps to change DNS.

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DNS server step 1

After you click on those assets, you will be directed to the location where we can select our DNS server provided by Google, which is typically used on both and preferred and optional DNS. can be done. Check the image for more detail.
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