Exciting Content Writing Tools That Could Support Your Marketing Efforts

Multiple companies have now realized the role the internet plays in everyday product marketing. There is a higher chance that companies that have engaged in blogging activities welcome more visitors to their blogs than companies that do not. Even so, just writing on the company blog has never been enough to bring you such amazing results. The help of some amazing content writing tools could help you write and sell your content better than before.

Exciting Content Writing Tools

Blog Topic Generator

A good blog gets its credit from good content. To keep your readers coming, you need to keep the blog topics coming each day. This means you need to do a good job looking for topics. Having the Blog Topic Generator could be a good idea.

The tool helps suggest excellent and fresh topics for your blog each day. All you need to do to get a topic is to enter a keyword to the search box, and the tool will generate a large number of topics. You could create an Excel sheet and have enough supply of topics for your blog each day.

Keyword Tool

Keywords play a critical role in content writing and content marketing among them, making your blog article located easily. This means that every time you do your blog articles, you need to spread the right keywords across your article. If you know a tool like the Google Keyword’s Planner, then you have an idea of how the tool works. In our case, we suggest the Keyword Tool. This tool generates beyond 700 long-tail keywords you could use on your blog. Long-tail keywords are important to your blog in multiple ways. One advantage is the fact they improve your site’s search engine optimization. Moreover, the tool allows you to get keywords that connect better with your audience.


Are you the person that gets easily distracted by things as you work? It gets worse if you work from home. You might also be having issues creating the right environment to work. Coffitivity could be the treatment you need for an extraordinary working atmosphere. The tool creates ambient sounds leaving your room filled with life and creativity, boosting your work rate, creating better content, and doing better marketing your content and product.

Stay Focusd

If you are the person that procrastinates work every time you get on a certain page and find it interesting, then Stay Focusd could be what you need. The tool measures the time you spend on each website and prevents you from wasting time on the wrong page. This is one of the solutions to the many distractions killing your writing game and dwarfing your marketing game. Stay Focusd comes in the form of a plugin and will measure the time you spend online and bar any features anytime allocated time has depleted.

750 Words

Writing content continually is not an easy habit. You need something to make that magic happen for you. The 750 Words is an important writing assistant that allows you to engage in a writing activity on an everyday basis. The tool does not limit what you write every day. The idea is to keep you writing something every day. With this tool, you can condition yourself to have to write something every day.

Good content writing is a precursor to amazing marketing. The above content writing tools, among others, can help you improve writing game for impressive marketing. Try them and see how it goes.


Lori Jones is a professional writer and a contributor to Resumes.Expert. Lori has a big experience working with CRM platforms, creating content strategies and launching websites for many renowned companies.