Everything You Need to Know About Corset Shirts

Corset Shirts

Who doesn’t like a perfect shape and a stunning figure? Everyone, especially every woman craves that curvy and sexy figure. Here come corset shirts to the rescue. Yes, it is the best way to look stunning and perfect in no time. Corsets are worn to shape and train your body especially your chest to bring in shape. Corsets are widely used for many reasons according to the need of an individual. Earlier only females used to wear corsets but nowadays men are also seen wearing corsets.

Following something that is in trend is not always a good choice. If it suits them, it doesn’t necessarily need to suit you too, because everyone is unique in their way. Before investing in corset shirts dig deeply to know more about corset shirts. No worries! You are reading the right article. We have summed up pretty much everything you should know about these stylish and comfy corset shirts.

Women have been wearing corsets for very long ages. These days, we get to see corsets of different colors, shapes, sizes, and designs. You have the choice to choose according to your requirement and choice. Along with that, you can choose corset shirts with fewer or more curves. You can wear corsets under your clothes or with any other outfit. In addition to this corset, shirts come up with buttons, hooks, zips, or lace-ups too.

The fabric of Corset Shirts

Fabric of corset dress

These days wide variety is available in corset fabrics according to your needs and comfortability.

You can get customized corset shirts. Here are some popularly used and most demanding corset fabrics:

Mesh Corset: It is made from nylon and polyester. It is woven very loosely and hence very tiny holes are present that’s why it becomes the most perfect corset for the summer season. It is extremely lightweight. The additional advantage is that a mesh corset can be worn under or over your dress.

Brocade: These corsets are durable and lightweight. These are made from polyesters. For waist training, brocade is not a good choice, you can prefer brocade if you want to use it just for style.

Cotton Corsets: The most demanding fabric all over the world. It is super comfy and does not lead to any kind of itching or discomfort. Cotton corsets are very thick and that’s why I don’t prefer using them under your clothes.

Leather Corsets: Leather is the super cloth to wear. Its softness makes you feel extremely comfortable. Leather corsets are costly as compared to others but they are worth it. If you are going to wear corset shirts for waist training don’t go with leather, as it is not suitable for waist training, as it is highly stretchable.

Satin: This is the perfect fabric for a perfect corset shirt. It is usually used to wear under clothes.

Body type and corsets

Corsets are best for any kind of occasion if chosen wisely and consciously. Choose corsets according to your body type and shape. Below are a few tips that will help you in choosing the right corset according to your body type.

Suppose you are a woman with a smaller bustline then why don’t you try a flat front corset? These kinds of corsets will create the illusion of perfect breast size as you desire. If you already have a perfect curvy figure then you can go with low-end corsets because these kinds of corsets are not much curvy, it will stick to your body perfectly.

There are perfectly fit waist trainers available in markets which will suit best for the women with large bust areas. If you want to train your waist don’t go with any corsets that are designed for temporary style. Look for a professional waist trainer and use quality corset shirts.


Taking Special Care of Corsets

Most of us might have the habit to throw clothes anywhere after returning home. But you can not do this with corsets. It needs to be kept on a stand properly. Carefully read the guidelines regarding the washing and drying of corsets. It is very important to know details about how to take care of the corsets, otherwise, corsets will be compromised with their durability and appearance.