Essay Writing Made Easy And Simple For students.

Essay Writing Even after being taught repetitively, students still struggle, with essay writing, whether it’s about selecting or choosing s perfect topic for the essay, or how to collect information, or whether it is about writing the conclusion of the essay. The reason students find themselves confused is that things haven’t been clear to them since the first time. 

Teachers take essay writing to be the simplest and easiest form of writing, and that’s why consciously or unconsciously teachers fail to explain the concept of essay writing to the students clearly. 

in class, students are taught about the format of the essay, and that is it, no one teaches the students about how to select the topics or from where to gather the content.

Teachers expect the students to write content from their own knowledge and experiences, but that may not be the case every single time, as the students progress and get promoted to higher classes their level of essay writing also increases, from personal to technical essay.

But since students are often taught to write a personal essay only when they are faced with writing technical essays, they feel a little lost as to where to start collecting information from, because, for technical essays, they need factual and reliable information. 

In this article, we will discuss some topics that students can take for essay writing for wither their assignments or homework help or even for any essay writing competition, along with that we will also explore some common ways through which students can learn about how to research for the content and use that content to formulate impressive essays. 

Essay topics

Here’s a list of some latest essay topics that students can choose from for assignment purposes or for competition purposes. 

  1. Write an essay on Covid-19 cases around the whole world and the impact of covid on the economy in 2020
  2. Write an essay on Covid vaccines all around the world, their pros and cons. 
  3. Write an essay about how the world dealt with the covid pandemic uniformly 
  4. Write an essay about how Indians fought the corona being one of the largest populations in the world.
  5. Write an essay about the pandemics positive impact if any 
  6. Write an essay about nature’s revenge or aggression during the year 2020
  7. Write an essay about the rate of divorces that went up in 2020 in India 
  8. Write an essay about the covid pandemic and its effect on the mental health of the people specifically students 
  9. Write an essay about mental health awareness in India, its importance, and the laws given by the government. 
  10. Write an essay about the health budget of India and explore the budget of mental health in detail
  11. Write an essay about the increased cases of suicide among teenagers and youngsters due to bad mental health
  12. Write an essay about the myths and misconceptions about mental health professionals. 
  13. Write an essay about the BLM movement, its emergence, and its causes. 
  14. Write an essay explaining the BLM movement in brief detail and how the movement brings about the change if any. 
  15. Write an essay about the current status of women in Indian society and what do you feel needs to be changed at first.
  16. Write an essay about women safety in India and the increased rate of rapes in the country 
  17. Write an essay explaining how the Indian government should deal with rapists 
  18. Write an essay about marital rape, and reflect your points on the needs of law against marital rape in India
  19. Write an essay about women’s role in society and how backward or forward is India, with respect to the same
  20. Write an essay explaining feminism, its causes, and its roots. 


Although we have already given a list of trending topics that students can select and write impressive and intense essays on, yet it is important for students to learn how to write topics for essays, if and when required. 

The prominent step in forming a topic is through reading. Students should engage themselves in reading current news and be up to date with social media. 

Even if students find it hard to keep up with news, students can easily find a whole lot of trendy topics simply by keeping up with social media. Social media is the way or source to find news and actually a better and reliable source if the students look for content in the right places. 

Students can easily pick any trending topic and write an essay on it. Writing a topic is no big deal, students can simply pick the news line or some trending keywords and put them in a sentence together. 

Usually, the trick of keywords is used by essay writers who write for monetary reasons, but students can use the same trick informing of a topic or writing an essay.


Students often look for essay topics or essay content on the internet with a simple google or yahoo search. And select the content from the top five websites sometimes the top two websites for their content. 

Since practically all the students follow the same procedure the chances of plagiarism increase exponentially. 

Instead of common research practice, students can collect their content from, more reliable sources like research papers, articles, technical articles, etc. students can also collect their content from journals or newspapers, both old and new. 

If the student is writing on an ancient yet still in debate topics they can collect information from old news headlines and newspapers, and can even try to find journals or research papers regarding the same.