Enjoy Bungee Jumping From These Heights of South Africa

bungee jumping in south africa


South Africa is a great destination with beautiful and diverse landscapes. It has earned a global reputation for its claim to having the highest commercial bungee jump in the world. Bungee jumping in South Africa attracts many tourists every year. Several tour operators offer amazing bungee jumping in South Africa. If you’re confused, when to go south Africa then we suggest going in summers to enjoy more with natural beauty.


 It has the third-highest commercial bungee jump position in the entire world. If you are an adventure enthusiast, then you should visit South Africa to get a great experience of bungee jumping with beautiful landscapes. For a crazy enjoyment and unforgettable memories, jump from the heights of South Africa. Don’t forget to check out these locations of South Africa if you’re thinking of bungee jumping. Let’s have a look at best bungee jumping spots in South Africa. 


Bloukrans bridge


bungee jumping in bloukrans bridge


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It is an arch bridge located near nature’s valley of the western cape, South Africa. It was constructed between February 1980 and June 1983. It stands at the height of 216m with a length of 451m above the bloukrans river. It is a road bridge, carrying national route N2. experience the world’s highest jumping in South Africa at the bloukrans bridge. If you’re a bungee jumping lover then you should try the jump from this bridge for a great adventurous experience.


 Bungee jump from bloukrans bridge is one of the most, best rewarding moments of life. We would highly recommend visiting this bridge to have a great experience. Bungee jump of bloukrans bridge is one of the scariest and amazing experiences. To get your adrenal gland pumping, this place is great to satisfy your stomach pain for a jump. There are many jumping operators to instruct you and give you full-body harness for a safe and secure jump. 

Orlando tower

bungee jumping in Orlando tower


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It is a decommissioned coal-fired power station in Soweto, South Africa. It has become one of the most distinctive landmarks in the neighborhood of Soweto. Now, it is converted into the world’s first vertical adventure center. It offers many adventurous and exciting activities from SCAD free falling to bungee jumping, and abseiling to rappelling down.


 Bungee jumping is one of the tops demanded activities of Orlando towers. Both of the towers are completely covered in beautifully colored murals, one tower depicts images and scenes from township culture and second with the corporate branding of South Africa’s FNB bank. Activities on the Orlando towers depend on the weather, especially on the wind.


 If you’re under 18year then you need the consent of your parents and guardians. Only people with a weight of 35kg to 110kg may jump from the tower. The towers adventure facility run by experienced, highly-trained, professional staff who belongs to international safety standards. Do not worry about safety, all activities have been tested by three certified ropes. 


Bungee mogale 

bungee jumping in Bungee mogale 


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It operates at the king’s kloof bridge in Krugersdorp mogale city. Practice mental and physical exercise at mogale. It is 50m of pure adrenaline rush. You can have limitless fun and enjoyment by bungee jumping at mogale. The minimum age for the bungee jumper at mogale is 40kg and the maximum weight is 125kg.


 At bungee mogale you’ll find forward dive, backward dive and waist jump, choose according to your interests. This location is a veritable one-stop adventure spot. Besides bungee jump, you’ll find a 320m foofy slide, bridge swing, adventure circuit, bar, and restaurant. You can enjoy bungee jumping at mogale on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays only. Break your fear by leaping off the impressive bridge. 


Booking at mogale is required only when you are a part of a group with ten or more people. This area has been open since 2005, and you can also purchase various paraphernalia as a part of the package such as caps, t-shirts, footage of your jump and many more. Many other adventure activities are also available here such as a bridge swing and foofy slide. 


Moses mashida stadium 

bungee jumping in Moses mashida stadium 


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It is a bungee swing over the Moses mashida stadium in Durban. This amazing height allows you to leap swinging out into a massive 220m arc. By the Guinness book of records since 14 May 2011, this swing has been officially named the world’s tallest swing. This stadium opened for bungee jumping from Monday to Friday and on public weekends. We suggest you visit the stadium and have the great experience of the bungee jump if you’re in the area. 


It is the multi-use stadium of South Africa, as it became a spot for several activities like concerts, bungee jumping, cricket, football, motorsports, golf practice, and rugby union. Did you know it was one of the host stadiums for the 2010 FIFA World Cup? this location is great for bungee jumping has a capacity of 56,000. 


Gouritz bridge

bungee jumping in Gouritz bridge


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This bridge is on the N2 route between Port Elizabeth and Cape Town which across the gouritz river 34km west of Mossel Bay in the western cape. It is a rigid-frame bridge. It carries road and pedestrian traffic. Jump from the 65m and enjoy the beauty of the scenery. It has a total length of the deck is 270m and consists of four spans. Bridge swing is also available for people who don’t like bungee jumping and have fear from the jump from the heights. Make your experience of bungee jumping more thrilling with gouritz bridge. 


Car cable, Cape town



bungee jumping in Car cable, Cape town


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It is the legislative capital of South Africa. The city is known for its natural setting and harbors and also the landmarks. Table mountains in Cape Town are one of the great new 7 wonders of a landmark and nature in the city. Enjoy the experience of bungee jumping from the cable car of table mountain. A cable car is a transport visitor between the plateau and the table mountain. Enjoy your jump with the chilled winds and beautiful nature reserve. This place is great for beginners who want to do bungee jumping between the natural beauties. 


So, which place you like most to have the fun of bungee jumping? Don’t forget to share your experience with us. 

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