20 Dos & Don’ts for eCommerce Product Page SEO

eCommerce Product Page SEO
eCommerce Product Page SEO

It has always been crucial to have an enhanced product webpage for eCommerce. With several product lines trying to compete on the Google search analysis, it is vitally important that your brand is on search engine’s List 1. And while doing this, it should be noted that there are certain things that you should do for your eCommerce product page and certain things not to be done. But, what are those dos and don’ts? Keep reading to find out!

10 Dos

The eCommerce SEO can help you rank higher, and for this, you should consider ten dos that are listed below:

1. Enhance Titles and Meta Explanations

Title labels and Meta explanations are quite significant in product website development. Ensure that you include specifics. When customers find such important information about the product, they automatically find it extremely easy to buy the product.

2. Mark Up Item Webpages With Organized Data

The next thing that you must do is you may encourage your company to arrive at top results by providing the appropriate organized data category. All retail sites should contain the product conceptual framework and analyze schema.

3. Introduce A Keyword Approac

The base for product website automation is keyword evaluation. While introducing the keyword evaluation, try to utilize item-focused subjects that consumers are looking for.

4. Insert FAQs

It is essential to have high-standard content that satisfies consumers’ requirements to achieve a higher rank in search results. It brings more traffic onto your webpage and thus will increase your sales.

5. Share Actual Feedback

Actual customer reviews who have tested your item raise questions to clients in the marketplace seeking to find out whether they should purchase the product from you or not.

6. Distinctive Meta Descriptions

Each product can score for labeled and non-labeled search terms and must contain a distinctive description to enjoy the benefits of. Provide great details to customers to bring them to your website.

7. Evaluate Landing Webpages

Resources such as Google Optimize offer an efficient way to evaluate even the smallest changes on retail sites, which you can certainly do to find the perfect setup. For instance, altering the placement of your calls to action might push more conversions.

8. High-Quality Images And Videos

Customers love to see images and videos of products, which helps them view the product more efficiently. Adding high-quality pictures or videos can boost your sales.

9. Reduce Slow Loading

You can customize your online store for mobile devices. Websites that are easy to load can get your information quicker for your intended audience and have a good user experience.

10. Review Your webpages For Technical Problems

Due to various faceted URLs, brand webpages can also be mirrored, which can trigger many SEO troubles. To prevent these problems, review the sites to determine which technology and content components have to be streamlined, if any.

10 Don’ts

The ten don’ts for your eCommerce product page SEO are below:

1. No Description Copying From Manufacturer

It is among the general problems in designing product webpages. Too many details of the supplier are not convincing and not designed for searching. It would help if you tried to insert your description.

2. No Deletion Of Out Of Stock Webpages

It happens that items get out of inventory. But, you should never delete such webpages. Otherwise, you will have to struggle to make it again.

3. Do Not Delete Seasonal Pages

If you had a seasonal page that had great conversions, you should not delete it. If you do so, you will be left to struggle again each year.

4. Don’t Utilize The Incorrect Organized Data Type

Organized data will help your website rank higher in the search results. But, if the data type gets incorrect, it will give you a lot of loss.

5. No Use Of Computerized Optimization

Adaptively crowded product pages with the item’s initials as the post title, accompanied by the company and nothing else, are not a good idea. Make sure that you don’t do this mistake.

6. Don’t Overlook Internal Linking Chances

Brands often create connections to their webpages but ignore retail sites. These product pages can help boost their sales, so never ignore them.

7. Don’t Place The Incorrect Price

Not providing the correct pricing strategy will cause customers not to purchase your products. So, it would help if you always adopted the right pricing strategy.

8. Don’t Design Limited-Volume Keywords.

Having the right keywords can increase your online conversions. So, never use limited-volume keywords that people would not search for.

9. Do Not Bring Poor Calls To Practice

Many brands also do not have powerful calls for action. If customers would not figure out how to buy your items, they may go to your competitors’ webpages. So, make sure to have powerful calls for action.

10. Don’t Ignore Phone Optimization

We exist in a universe where customers find goods online via their smartphones. If you don’t have a phone-friendly product page, consumers will not consider purchasing items from your website.


We have provided you 10 Dos and 10 Don’ts for your eCommerce Product Page SEO. Make sure to consider these points. If you do so, your eCommerce sales will surely rise.

Good luck!