Comparison Between the Two Best HP Laptops

hp laptops

Some of HP’s finest laptops have been portable devices. For those interested in a wider array, check the best 13-inch portable laptops on laptops that are available now or the best laptops in general. We recently reviewed the HP Envy laptop. In this article, we compare the latest models of some of the most popular portable notebooks from HP. You can also check out the best 13in laptop screens for more information.

Categories of Laptops

HP has two categories of laptops to choose from: notebooks and netbooks. The notebook is small enough to be taken with you anywhere you go; however, it is meant for viewing and sharing photos and videos.

For this reason, the models with a larger screen and higher resolution are better for use in the office. The latest models of HP laptops offer good performance in both the productivity category and the multimedia test. On the other hand, the latest models of the Envy notebooks offer excellent graphics performance for those who want to game performance from their laptops.

Main Difference

A comparison of laptops from HP highlights the main differences between the various models of the same manufacturer. Envy laptops have smaller screen sizes and heavier weights than most other models of the same type. They are also priced in the same range as laptops in the main price range of laptops. The latest models of the Envy range have advanced processors and support for the Windows operating system, though many users are disappointed with the lack of a full touch display.


The four main series of HP laptops currently available include the HP Compaq series, HP Pavilion series, the HP iPAQ series, and the HP Zen series. These HP laptops vary significantly in terms of performance, features, and price.

All these models are powered by the same general-purpose processors based on Intel. The latest laptops from these manufacturers have larger, higher-resolution displays as well as advanced processors, and they have widescreen resolutions (13″ or above) and high-definition video capabilities. They are available in different price ranges.

HP Compaq series

For the entry-level, two models of the HP Compaq series are available – the 500S model with a basic keyboard and standard display and the 600S with a keyboard integrated display and a touch screen. For those who are looking for an ultraportable laptop, the models with processors based on the Celeron and AMD Opteron are suitable.

Prices start from around $300 for the lowest to the highest specification models. Other specification categories include memory size, RAM, hard drive size, optical drive size, video card size, and battery life. The price range for the laptops ranges from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Basic features include anti-glare screens, fast processors, good hard drives, high definition video cards, DVD burners, Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities, and a standard keyboard.


When it comes to performance, HP pavilion laptops and the envy 15 are close behind the leading brands like Acer, Asus, Apple, Lenovo, Sony, and Toshiba. The difference between them is just the price. HP Pavilion has a lower price than the others, but it still outperforms the others in terms of speed, durability, and reliability. It also has the most advanced dual-core processors. The downside to the Pavilion is its thin, small frame which makes it lackluster in terms of looks and feels compared to other notebooks in its price range.

Advantage of the Pavilion

The main advantage of the Pavilion is that it has all the features that professional users need. It has an ergonomic keyboard with large multi-touch keys, wireless connectivity, a large screen, excellent audio quality, and a backlit keyboard with excellent brightness.

It is the most advanced laptop in terms of its processing power and because of its many functions, many consumers think that it is the most reliable laptop out there. If you want to use your laptop for professional applications, then this is the laptop for you.


The envy 15 is another great choice when you want the best laptops in your price range. This laptop has an aluminum design which makes it very attractive and durable. Like the Pavilion, it outperforms the other brands when it comes to speed and reliability, however, some consumers think that the hinges on the laptop are not high quality.

Regardless of these pros and cons, these two laptops remain the two best laptops in the price range of today.